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Scholarships Bursaries Grants And Awards

Want an independent school education but can’t afford the fees?


Paying school-feesMost good independent schools now offer scholarships - often worth very little - and bursaries - potentially worth  a lot - in order to attract talented pupils. These are highly competitive but more plentiful than they were.

 It takes determination and hard work on your part, and exceptional abilities on the part of your child, to have a good chance of securing a high-value bursary.

The Good Schools Guide Advice Service now has a Scholarships and Bursaries Service -  http://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/help-and-advice/consultancy-services/22847/scholarships-and-bursaries -  which will guide you to the right financial support for your child.

Means testing means most scholarships are of little monetary value - a few per cent off the fees for the sake of an accolade and possibly  a programme of activities designed to stretch bright young things, but that doesn't mean the deserving but needy will miss out...

Following rulings from The Charities Commission, an increasing number of schools are proposing to allocate more funds to those who would otherwise be unable to pay the fees.

The key is finding out what funds are available and whether your child might qualify but how?

Fee-Paying Schools: Bargain Hunting
 For the past few years fee increases at independent schools have been far lower than those in the early part of this century but the overall picture remains one of inflation-busting...

Stop apologising for caring about scholarships
Richard Cairns Headmaster of Brighton College observes: Prospectuses abound with girls dancing, boys scrumming and children generally doing everything but think.   It has...

Saving For School Fees
Article published 2nd June 2008   With the financial markets in turmoil, city bonuses slashed, unemployment topping 2 million and, in some areas, more than a third of pupils...

Credit Crunch Crisis?
Article published 8th June 2008 Getting in and out of financial difficulties   Attitude to bill-paying and money varies hugely  -  the best schools are wonderful...

School Fees Extras List
Senior school extras - out of sight out of pocket?   Don't just plan for school fees, the 'Extras' levied can add-up to more than you bargained for!  Parents' report...

Trusts And School Fees
  Very few savings products or accounts can be held in Flora or Rufus's own name - in fact, only children's bank accounts, friendly society savings plans and NS&I...

School Fees - Extras
Beware the 'all-exclusive'.   While some schools offer a virtually ‘all-inclusive’ package, at others it’s akin to paying for a 5-star hotel then discovering...

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