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Find a school, save and compare

Our Find a School facility lets you search 30,000 schools by location, local authority, type of school (state or independent, religion, gender and age) and whether it is one of the 1200 reviewed by the Good Schools Guide. Or search by curriculum, sports or special needs capabilities. Or any combination of the above! Subscribers can also see detailed, street by street and year by year catchment area information.

Displaying your selections

See your results:

  • On a map and as a list

The map will display the schools listed. If you view 10 schools it will show the 10 schools, if you view 40 schools it will show those 40 etc.

Don't worry about remembering which schools you have found - as long as  you are logged in, you can simply save any schools of interest to My Schools. Schools in pink are reviewed by The Good Schools Guide; white ones are not.

School list view

Search results 

Reviewed = This school has been independently reviewed by The Good Schools Guide. Reviews are available to view if you are an online subscriber. The majority of reviews also feature in the printed guide. 

Special Needs = This school has completed our SEN survey - it does not necessarily cater for special needs. The school's responses to the SEN survey are found on the SEN tab on the individual school pages.

Find out more = Click to go to the school's page on our website. 

+My Schools = Save this school to one of My School lists - or create a list if you haven't already done so (see below).

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Reviewed and SEN schools

Create, store, view and compare* schools in your own online My Schools account

Create, view and store is free to do and easy to use... But you must register with us - it's free. (*You must be a paying subscriber to compare schools).

Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Register / log in if you haven't already done so.
  2. Search for schools according to your personal criteria.
  3. Click on the + My Schools button -  to add the school to your list, or visit any school page and add from there.

My Schools button


Creating My Schools lists

More than one child? Searching different areas? 

If you want multiple lists of schools - simply create a new list via add and save the school to one, or more, of your lists.

Remember to give each new list a unique name. 

You can add a school to as many of your My School lists as you like - simply click on the relevant list(s). 

Once added it's easy to remove a school as the +Add becomes remove! 


My school lists

You can also save a school to My Schools from each individual school page

Simply click on the My Schools button and add to as many of your lists as you like. Or start a new list by entering a new name at the foot of your lists.  To see any of your school lists click on View. 

You can also save a school by clicking on My Schools button on the right hand side of the home page, just under the Find a School box. My Schools becomes My Saved Schools once you are logged in and have created a list.

My schools on school pages

Comparing schools - not all schools are equal!

You've found schools of interest and saved them to My Schools: why not compare them? 

In the diagram the Primary schools in the created  My Schools list are being compared with each other.

There are lots of measures to choose from but we chose:

  • Measure 1 - Average value added to pupils with SEN (we tend to find schools that do well by children with SEN do well by others too)'
  • Measure 2 - The percentage that achieve level 5 in key stage 2 tests.


Who does best? The school represented by the red dot (top RHS) has great value added and lots of kids getting level 5. When comparing schools, simply hover over the dots to see which school each dot represents.  

There are lots of other measures to compare them by - we think you'll be surprised by some of the results, even from schools that others say are good.  Simply click on the arrows of the Measure boxes to select the ones that matter to you. 

If schools have GCSE or A level results, the tabs for GCSE and A level will appear. Choose the level, GCSE or A level, and the measures that are important to you.

The diagram below shows four top boarding schools being compared by two 'top measures' - The percentage getting A*, A or B at A level, Pre U or IB (weighted so an A* carries more weight than a B) and the percentage that would qualify for Cambridge (Oxford and Cambridge prefer pupils to study at least two 'facilitating subjects', that do not include drama, PE and psychology, for example).

Two tough measures to separate the very best:


The schools in the diagram all record good results. The school represented by the yellow dot (top right) leads the way - the best? The best by these measures, but look carefully at entry criteria too - some schools have more exacting entry requirements than others. It could be that the seemingly weaker schools are actually squeezing more out of their students and adding greater value. For many schools we have value added measures, and if a school is reviewed by us we give a clear steer on any entry requirements.

Important note -  You can compare English senior schools and English state junior schools - comparison facilities are not available for schools outside of England nor for English infant, prep and pre-prep schools. Value-added data is not available for independent schools but we do use our own measures for GCSE to A level.


Boarding school comparison

You can compare senior schools by subjects too*

We chose two A level subjects, economics and politics, and compared them using our very own Wow Factor, which combines other measures such as popularity, relative success and the grades recorded. This time a different school scores best. When comparing schools, simply hover over the dot to reveal which school is represented by each dot. 

Only subscribers can compare schools. A subscription costs just £9.99 for one month. 

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Boarding schools subject comparisons

Removing schools from My Schools

You can remove an entire list of schools by clicking on delete (don't worry, you will be prompted that this will delete all). 

Or you can remove a school from an individual list when you view schools (simply click on the Remove button for that school when you view the list). 

If you are on a school page and that school is already added to your My Schools list, you can remove it there too, simply click on the My  Schools button.

Viewing your saved My Schools

You can view all your schools, or select just one of your lists, by clicking on the View button of an individual list, or of all schools in all lists by clicking on View for All Schools.

Once you have created lists and saved schools to My Schools you can easily access these at any time, via any web page. Simply select  My Schools (located below the School search box). Repeated schools simply show where a school is included in multiple lists.

Remove all schools



Subscribe to the Good Schools Guide. Only £9.99 for one month.

Subscribers will find detailed exam results and performance information on individual school pages. Visit these 'free to view' schools. Explore results - read our independent reviews*

Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone is a state school for girls aged from 11 to 18, co-ed sixth form

Rokeby School, Kingston upon Thames is an independent school for boys aged from 4 to 13

John Betts Primary School, London is a state school for boys and girls aged from 4 to 11

Swiss Cottage School Development & Research Centre, London is a state special school for boys and girls aged from 2 to 19

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