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Tips for foreign parents on finding British schools

Article published 2nd June 2008

UK Schools state and independent schools

UK independent schools are still widely regarded as among the best in the world, with top flight schools such as Eton remaining highly sought-after.

It's not just the quality of an English education that is attractive it is the opportunities to network, the doors that will remain ajar for life, friendships and acquaintances bound inextricably by the 'old-school tie' and the chance to have a piece of a quintessentially English tradition - a boarding school education.

Their oft gilt-edged fees a small price to pay for the huge benefits to be gained even when international supplements are added. Education options are limitless but how do you decide what is best?   

We offer our top-tips to ensure you get your decision right.

UK boarding - finding a guardian
  Chosen A school? Now find a guardian   British boarding schools will not admit an overseas pupil under the age of 18 unless he or she has a local guardian. It can seem...

British state schools
Article published 2nd June 2008 Free of charge for your charges?   For families resident in the European Union or possessing EU passports, British state schools provide...

Gap in the UK for overseas students
Article published 2nd June 2008 As UK youngsters venture overseas, so a good number of overseas students choose to spend their gap-year in the UK. Companies vary in their competency...

Coming into the British school system from abroad
Most UK schools are now genuinely thrilled to welcome foreign students, and no longer regard a cosmopolitan mix as a matter for shame (that they cannot fill the school with home-grown...

Improving English language skills - International Study Centres
International Study Centres (ISC)   Children can attend one of these cushy centres for as little as a term but frequently stay for one or two years. Typically they will study...

Improving English language skills - Tutorial Colleges
  Tutorial Colleges are aimed at mature students (aged 16+) whose ultimate aim is to attend a British University.  Tutorial colleges are private academic institutions...

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