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State school admissions - how to secure a place

securing a state school place

How the state schools admissions process works depends on where you live within the UK.

Recent policies have wised-up to, and tightened-up on, the many scams and ruses used by parents and schools to select by the back-door.

We dispel the myths and explain what works and what doesn't.

The Good Schools Guide Advice Service now offers a specific service just for parents who want state school places - anywhere in the UK. Please visit State School Service.

Mix and match state and private education
Best of Both Worlds? Mixing State and Independent All those scary newspaper statistics about the long-term costs of keeping your child in nappies and birthday presents pale into...

Independent schools admissions - it's not just ability to pay
Article published 2nd June 2008 All things being equal, always have a go at the school you think is right for your child. Even those independent schools you ha ve been told are...

Independent schools admissions - insider information on getting in!
I’ll always be grateful to Gordon Brown. Not because of his macro-management of the economy, but because his name was the correct answer to my son’s 11 plus interview...

School obituaries
  Girls’ schools, prep schools and even the occasional boys’ or co-ed school have been closing at the rate of half-a-dozen annually for several years now. Because...

Appealing for a school place
Failed to get into your preferred school?  Time is limited so, if you are thinking of appealing, you need to act quickly. There are a number of organisations that can help but...

School open evenings
If you plan to ask difficult or embarrassing questions preserve your anonymity by NOT wearing a badge. The ripping down of tattered displays, cleaning of classrooms and smartening...

The catchment area cheat
  Anxious parents are willing to lie, cheat, and even change their religion to get their offspring into the right school.  With the financial crisis in full swing,...

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