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The UK national curriculum, examinations and qualifications

ReadingThe exams merry-go-round

Walk into any bookshop and it's hard to believe Letts didn't introduce exams! A quick glance at the array of revision guides demonstrates the importance and emphasis now placed on assessing little Annie or Ahmed. For some parents, exams prove an occasion to swell with pride, as their child soars over the hurdles. Others seem to limp along, attempting to find a different way to cross the hurdle, dodge it, or not even getting an invitation to attempt it. However, we are told testing is designed to help spot problems and to allow children to be given appropriate help and support, so don't be despondent if your child doesn't fly first time, but do work with teachers and other professionals to help sort problems and difficulties.

Good Schools Guide International
International schools in Britain The Good Schools Guide covers all schools in the UK including international schools based here; with in-depth reviews of the 1000+ 'Good Schools'....

Which curriculum will get you into university (UK or US)?
How to chart your child’s curriculum journey (from primary school on) so he winds up safely at a good university at the end – whether in the UK or the US. ...

Comparative ages, grades and exams - US vs UK
Age UK Stage UK Testing  UK School Year   US Exams (different states may have additional exams at certain ages) US Grade 3-4 nursery       pre-school 4 foundation         5 reception       pre-K 5-6     year...

Interpreting exam results, abbreviations, ages and stages
Every school system and country has its own set of national or standardised exams. Most use them as at least one qualification for moving on to the next schooling level or getting...

From American schools to British
English National Curriculum Moving from the American system into the British system is probably one of the trickiest transitions of all, and success very much depends on the...

Schools abroad: how do I even begin?
Some privileged expatriates may get a “look-see” visit to their new location prior to accepting a posting - depending on a company's, or government's, generosity. If...

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