Special Educational Needs And The Law

Article published 1st June 2008

Special needs and the law

Special educational needs lawEducation law is a complex business and one that's easy to misquote or misunderstand, especially as each country of the UK has its own educational legislation. So we asked leading figures in England and Scotland to explain the law. We cannot stress enough, the need to seek expert help and, highlight below key acts and organisations to ensure you take the right path. It is also important to always check you have the latest, most up--to-date information. 


Legal Help

Please select from the articles below the ones which best suit your needs.

Statutory assessments and statements of SEN

SEN and Scottish law - ISEA examine Scotland's New Education Act including the move from SEN to ASN, the introduction of coordinated support plans (CSP), and mediation and appeals

The law, you and schools - Peter Woodruff's examines the common causes of complaints against schools- Fees, bullying, breach of contract, negligence, breaches of the race relations act, plus a note on class actions and university/HE disputes

SEN mediation - Locked in a dispute with the LA? Mediation, a free service to parents, may be the answer.

Organisations that offer free SEN advice

IPSEA - Independent Panel for Special Education Advice  


The Child Law Advice Line

If using a solicitor, make sure it's someone who specialises in education law.

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