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SEN Professionals

A number of key personnel may advise, assess and treat your child, to help give them the best possible chances to realise their potential.

In an ideal world, a multi-disciplinary team made up of an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, educational psychologist, speech and language therapist and paediatrician would be available to help every child who needs it.

Each discipline can add an important part to the jigsaw that is assessment and treatment. Unfortunately, lack of funding for staff, or staff shortages (a national problem), means this situation is rarely found. Even those who have therapies identified on their statement are not guaranteed delivery of provision.

But precisely who does what?

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
  'There were indeed extenuating circumstances, but this did not appease an irate mother who had to listen to the staff's uninformed opinions on her daughter's abilities!' A...

Getting An Educational Psychology Assessment
  Dr Enid Alston, South Thames College of Further Education - explains:   It is not easy to forget the day when a teacher throws a grubby and rather tired folder of...

Teaching Assistants
'A good learning support assistant will offer the tools to help the child to succeed.' A good assistant won't be a barrier to the child working with other children, and all good...

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