Getting An Educational Psychology Assessment


Why conduct an educational psychology assessment?

An assessment by an educational psychologist will help a school understand how best they can help a child with special educational needs.


What does the assessment entail?

The assessment involves taking a close look at how a child learns. It will include an assessment of the strengths and the difficulties that they have in a number of areas - behaviour, speaking, concentration, organisation, cohesion of movement and memory being just some of them. It will include an assessment of how the difficulties and combinations of difficulties impact on the child's development and their ability to learn. 

SEN Professionals
A number of key personnel may advise, assess and treat your child, to help give them the best possible chances to realise their potential. In an ideal world, a multi-disciplinary...

Teaching Assistants
'A good learning support assistant will offer the tools to help the child to succeed.' A good assistant won't be a barrier to the child working with other children, and all good...

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
  A SENCo or special educational needs co-ordinator is the person who will advise you of how the school can/will meet your child's additional requirements.  They play...

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