A special educational need or a passing phase?

Spotting SEN

Special educational needs (SEN) affect all social classes and intellects. Children do not outgrow SEN but, with help, learn to cope. Some children with special needs are readily identified, others develop coping strategies — children can use common sense, quick-wittedness, intelligence and other virtues (or vices) to disguise the effects of an SEN. Later, particularly when public exams loom and youngsters are openly ‘measured’ against their peers, they may lack self-esteem and become increasingly anxious. We have come across cases where severe dyslexia has been diagnosed in mid A level when the adaptability finally ran out.

Special Needs Introduction
Sandra Hutchinson, Editor of The Good Schools Guide - Special Educational Needs provides a practical introduction. Some special needs are easy to spot, others are only...

Special Educational Needs - Proposed Changes
SEN is in a state of flux. The Government is seeking to undertake major reforms to special educational needs while bystanders, parents and SEN protagonists watch anxiously in the...

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