Special Needs Introduction


Some special needs are easy to spot, others are only determined once a child has experienced considerable difficulties, frustrations or social and emotional problems. 

Provision in UK schools for children with SEN is much improved in the last ten years or so. However, finding the best possible support for your child can still be a minefield. If you are unsure where to start, make this article your first port of call.

Remember that The Good Schools Guide Advice Service has a unique SEN service. Six specialist advisors can work with you to ensure your child grows up in the right educational setting for him or her. Call 0203 286 6824 or email: advice@goodschoolsguide.co.uk. .

Does my child have special educational needs?
Article published 9th June 2008   ... or are their difficulties part of 'normal childhood'? A child may be considered naughty, a fidget, a daydreamer - symptoms of everyday...

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