Global Learning Difficulties

Non-specific learning difficulties overview

When children have learning difficulties that are more generalised and don’t relate to a specific neural problem or immaturity, they can be described as having moderate, severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, depending on their degree of difficulty.

Many children with non-specific or global learning difficulties have other associated special needs.

Moderate Learning Difficulties - MLD
The majority of children with MLD are educated in mainstream schools, with provision made for additional help and support appropriate to their needs.  However, often, by secondary...

Severe Learning Difficulties - SLD
Children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) are likely to find it difficult to understand, learn and remember new skills. As a result they will have problems with both...

Profound And Multiple Learning difficulties - PMLD
In addition to very severe learning difficulties, children with profound and multiple difficulties  have other significant problems, and complex needs. These may include physical...

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