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Visual Stress


Vision and reading problems


visual stress and learning


Sometimes problems with reading or focusing have nothing to do with actual visual impairment, but with control over how the eyes move, or how the brain interprets what they see.

Sensory Difficulties - VI
  The number of schools that exist specifically for children with visual impairment has fallen significantly in recent years, and those that remain are educating pupils with...

Hearing Impairments
    Children with a hearing impairment range from those with a mild hearing loss to those who are profoundly deaf. Some pass the hearing screen tests in school, but...

Auditory Processing Difficulties
Is your child easily distracted? Do they find noisy environments upsetting? Is reading, writing and spelling a problem? Do they find it hard to follow conversations? Could they...

Multi Sensory Impairment MSI
  Children with multi-sensory impairment have both visual and hearing difficulties and are sometimes referred to as deaf-blind. Incidental learning is limited and children...

Speech And Language Difficulties (Sp&LD)
  When a child is noticeably behind their peers in acquiring speech and/or language skills, communication is considered delayed. Sometimes a child will have greater receptive...

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