Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Specific learning difficulties

The child with specific learning difficulties can be hard to spot. Often, intelligent and articulate it is their own sense of frustration that is frequently the first clue.  

'Specific learning difficulties’ (SpLD) is an umbrella term to cover a number of problems: dyslexia (reading and writing), dyscalculia (maths), dyspraxia (co-ordination), dysgraphia (writing).

Some children with specific learning difficulties may exhibit behavioural difficulties, though frequently these diminish when the child receives appropriate help and support with a subsequent growth in confidence and self-esteem.

Specific learning difficulties  - where to start

Children may have difficulties in just one of these areas – a purely dyscalculic child will stumble only with numbers and may excel in non-mathematical subjects – but it is not uncommon for a dyslexic pupil to have difficulties in some areas of maths, most likely in number, or to have some co-ordination difficulties. Difficulties with numeracy are often accompanied by the language difficulties of dyslexia.

Dyslexia  - What Helps, What Hinders? -  The dyslexic child may avoid reading or devour books a plenty; so how do you spot dyslexia?

Dyspraxia Introduction - More than just a clumsy child? Do they invade your space? Is their handwriting an embarrassment? Are ball games a chore?

Dyscalculia - is learning multiplication tables a cause of nightly rows? Do you, or your partner, shy away from anything numerical or mathematical? 

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) -  Does your child have difficulty making consistent speech sounds? Do they quickly forget new vocabulary?

Dysgraphia - Difficulty Writing? Does producing even vaguely legible copy tire your child?

Problems Associated With Dyspraxia - How to spot and help the child with dyspraxia

Helping The Dyspraxic Child - Coping strategies, skills school and parental advice

Hidden Disabilities Uncovered - An amusing, first hand-account of life as an 12-year-old dyspraxic/dyslexic

Visual Stress - Vision And Reading Problems

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The Orthoptist

Neuro Diversity - Thinking Differently

Special Educational Needs -  Proposed Changes

Getting An Educational Psychology Assessment

Nurture Groups

Dyslexic Is That My Child?

A Special Educational Need or a Passing Phase?



Speech And Language Therapy

The Speech And Language Therapist (SALT)

Occupational Therapy

The Physiotherapist

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