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When your child needs extra help

Answers to the questionsYour child may not yet be at the GCSE/A level boot camp stage but if you’re considering tutoring, read on. Whether you use a tutorial agency or rely on school gate recommendations, extra help comes at a price. Depending on the subject and where you live, an hour’s tuition can cost parents anything from £30 to £300 and beyond. We know parents of state school children who have paid for GCSE subject support from five or six separate tutors.

One told us: ‘We knew we couldn’t afford private school fees so it was always part of the plan to do this when it came to important exams.'

Other parents spoke of the intense competition to employ the local ‘top’ tutors. ‘The trouble is, once you hear other people are doing it you feel you have to as well, otherwise you could be letting your child down.’

Does your child need a tutor? When’s the best time to start? What should you realistically expect?  We asked some independent tutors for their advice.

Why Get A Tutor?
For some children a tutor is essential as they are off school with a long-term health problem. Occasionally, families who are travelling for an extended period take a tutor with them...

A Note on Vetting and Checks
Safety first There are well-established checks that all reputable tutor agencies will make on anyone they take on as a tutor. The most thorough and mostly widely used check is ‘enhanced...

Which Tutor Agency?
We have quizzed and/or visited a number of tutor agencies about whom we have received considerable feedback and talked to their clients and their tutors.  The reviews are available...

Finding A Tutor
  Word-of-mouth is the most effective and popular way to source good tutors especially as generally, the best tutors do not work for an agency – they don’t need...

Tutorial College and Crammers
A premium option… Of the 653,000 higher education hopefuls in 2012, 465,000 ended up with places, leaving 188,000 behind. With another bumper crop of applicants this year...

Tutors - Links
  Tutors: For our extensive advice on choosing a tutor, and our reviews of companies that provide them, consult the tutors section of this website.

Revision Courses
Revision - A day, a week or more? From virtual solitary confinement to a revision lecture with hundreds of other students, what's best is whatever suits your learning style and,...

Tutors - Things to Consider
Everyone's credit is crunching but, tellingly, tutor companies are reporting no downturn in numbers of clients. It is interesting to reflect on what that says about people's priorities...

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