Why Get A Tutor?

Need a tutor?For some children a tutor is essential as they are off school with a long-term health problem. Occasionally, families who are travelling for an extended period take a tutor with them to keep junior’s brain ticking over. Others need someone to maintain schoolwork during a difficult period – an exclusion or a family break-up. School-aged film stars have their own tutors who keep them up to speed in between takes.

But when, and how, should you give your child a helping hand?


Services of a tutor are frequently required:


  • At age 7 to ensure a child is up to speed for prep school assessments.
  • In Y5 (aged 9)  to prepare a child for entry, at 11+, to the local grammar school or selective independent school. Most grammar schools (and some independents) test verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as maths and English.
  • In Y6 aged 11 aged to bolster basic maths or English competence ahead of KS2 examinations.
  • To ensure children make the grade from prep school to senior school at 11+ or 13+ and in a range of subjects.
  • To assist with Common Entrance subjects -  perhaps to ease the anguish of algebra or Latin.
  • To shed light on a tricky GCSE topic.
  • To ensure A level grades are a match for UCAS offers.
  • To improve schoolwork following a dip in a grades on a school report.
  • To put a youngster back on track after a dodgy exam result.
  • Following a bout of illness or unexpected family set-back. 
  • When a specific learning difficulty is suspected or diagnosed. 


Finding a tutor


Who are these tutors who seem to be teaching everyone’s children and, more importantly, how and where does one find a good tutor?

We recommend you start with our reading list (see below) and of course reviews of top tutor companies.

As well as providing invaluable insights into individual companies The Good Schools Guide reviews of tutor companies gives food for thought on: what type of tutor company you should consider, what you want from a tutor company and importantly what a tutor should deliver. 


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