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University information on the GSG web

University information from schools and universities

University data

Ever wondered who goes where, from which schools and to study what?

On this website we carry extensive information about the university destinations of UK students and the courses they pursue .


University reviews

We do not currently review UK universities but have, for some time, reviewed good US universities.

Oxbridge admissions - preparing for entry to Oxford and Cambridge
  Judge a tree by its fruit, a man by the company he keeps, and a school by the universities it sends its pupils to? Well, you would miss out on the oak, the saint and many...

Can My Child Afford University?
£27,000 in fees, plus accommodation, living and travel costs. With such eye-watering headline costs, how can teenagers in England afford a university education?  2012...

Uni in the USA: the definitive guide to universities in the USA
Thinking about university in the USA? Uni in the USA is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide available, written just for UK students - by UK students. Includes reviews...

About Uni In The USA...and Beyond
The Guide to overseas universities - written by students, for students   Who will the uni suit? What is it like to be a student there? How hard do students work? What about...

Thinking of choosing a university abroad?
Selecting a university that is thousands of miles away, perhaps without the opportunity to visit beforehand, will worry even the most enthusiastic. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet...

Six Things You Need to Know About Uni in Europe
Uni in Europe is a wide-open field, as ready for the taking as Napoleon and Hitler once believed. Its universities are fantastic, the price is right (free) and its culture is exquisite. If...

Five Reasons To Choose A US University
  Considering uni the in the USA? You're in good company. The US is the top destination for international students worldwide.  In fact, over 8,000 British...

Exams - Making The Grade for Uni in The USA
Most students will be applying at the beginning of the second year of sixth form for a place the following Autumn term. Because of this, universities will scrutinize GCSE and AS/Highers...

Gap Year Sites, Links, Books
  Brit kids at home and abroad... There's little doubt about the enormous benefits a well-planned gap year can offer school-leavers, and there's an ever-increasing wealth of...

University Links
  Wherever you choose to study for a degree will be your home for the three years or longer it takes to complete the course, so it's worth choosing the right place - as well as...

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