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10 ways to spot a gifted child


The gifted child


Gifted children are not ‘young Einsteins’ or geniuses in the making but children with above average intelligence who have the capacity to achieve well at school.

Gifted children have a great thirst for knowledge and it is vital that this need is recognised as early as possible so that parents and teachers can give them plenty of opportunities to develop their talents.



Characteristics of a gifted child

Educating the gifted child
  Gifted is one of a number of issues in education that cause the blood to stir. For some 'Gifted' is an elitist concept that beggars definition; others do not see what all...

Choosing a school for a talented child
How to find a good Arts, Music, Dance or Drama / Stage School   As proud parents, we all know our children are unique. They're smarter than anyone else's, funnier, certainly...

Extended Projects - stretching the able
Put the spoons away...   Dr John L Taylor, Director of Critical Skills, at Rugby School, and Chief Examiner for Edexcel Project Qualifications explains, why even Harvard professors...

A level League Tables - Cambridge Qualifying Standard
Article published 22nd January 2013 London independent schools top the Cambridge Qualifying League tables. But more than 18% of schools with students taking     advanced...

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