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Bullied? Help advice and support for you and your child

Beat the bullies


Virtually all children have arguments at some time, these may be verbal or result in 'fisticuffs', this is usually just part of normal childhood behaviour. It does not mean they are bullies, being bullied or will become bullies.


Fall-outs often reflect frustrations or misunderstandings and children often quickly make-up and become friends again, but what happens when the spats turn to bullying?

Over-inflated exams, devalued degrees....
If it’s May it must be time to pass the Prozac...   The stress, the worry, sleepless nights, early rising, recurrent nightmares: turning-up for the wrong exam or discovering...

Only a game?
Tom Maher director of British Home Tutors explains why he thinks it’s essential we monitor the monitors. Consoles and computer games are the must-have (or already got) gift,...

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