The English School System


Learning tree'The age of transfer to independent senior school is typically 13 but some schools will not accept registrations for those older than 10 which means the search has to begin when a child is only 8 years of age!'

Confused? Do you need to navigate schools and schooling?

Work out what to do when with our "Learning Tree", this beautifully illustrates both

the state school and independent school systems in England.

Use in conjunction with From Embryo to 18 - How To Survive The Education Highway which explains what to do, when.

Click on sections of the enlarged image below  - such as the 'Common Entrance Owl'- or 'State cloud' (or on any of the tabs underneath the illustration). These will take you directly to information and advice on that topic.

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Further Reading

We have a whole series of articles and advice to help you every step of the way; whether tentatively embarking on choosing a school, or part way through the school choice process.


For those new to the process:

From Embryo To Eighteen - How To Survive The Education Highway

Choosing A School Thoughts For Parents

Mix and Match State and Private Education

Coming Into The British School System From Abroad

Sussing Out Independent Schools and Horses For Courses

Choosing A School For A Talented Child

Primary Schools In The UK

Starting School


For those visiting schools:

School Open Evenings

Questions To Ask Staff When Visiting A School

Questions To Ask When Visiting A School - Academic Matters

Questions To Ask When Visiting A School - Financial Factors

Questions To Ask  When Visiting A School - Beyond the Classroom

Visiting A School - Questions For Pupils


For those contemplating the admissions process:

State School Admissions - How To Secure A Place

Independent School Admissions - Insider Information On Getting In!

Independent School Admissions - It's Not Just Ability To Pay 

SEN Admission To Independent School


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