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Editors banned! - Twenty eight years on and still going strong...

The Good Schools Guide was founded in 1985 by Amanda Atha and Sarah Drummond, two parents in search of schools for their children. With the help of others (notably Patrea More Nisbett) they visited hundreds of schools and wrote up their experiences in the direct and independent style that still characterises The Guide.

Impartial, independent, indispensable

Greatly offended, the schools fought back and banned the editors from their premises, only to find that they were written up anyway on the basis of the reports and opinions of their parents and neighbours. Most now tolerate us, more or less.

Twenty eight years later there are more than fifty of us, spread throughout the UK. Most are parents with young children, a few are former heads and senior teachers.


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"It is highly opinionated: the only guide that offers parents a genuine flavour of what a school is like." The Daily Telegraph

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The Good Schools Guide on pupils

… we asked what one thing would improve their school. The answer was unanimous: girls! Apparently girls would ‘make the place tidier’ and ‘help with questions’. Dream on chaps.

We remain true to the founding principles of The Guide:

No school can pay to be in The Guide - no school can demand to be removed. 

  • to be independent in our judgements of schools;
  • to view schools from a parent's point of view, and to choose schools for The Guide on the basis of what parents say about them;
  • to define good schools as schools that are good for the children and parents that they serve, and not to be too influenced by academic results alone.
  • If a school is not included in The Guide this does not necessarily mean it is not a good school - our selection is a personal one.


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NB Mainstream school reviews are featured in the printed guide but data and some special school reviews are only available to online subscribers.


South Farnham Primary School


The Lady Eleanor Holles School


Rainbow School for Children with Autism

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