Every school in the UK is featured on this website


Though not all are selected for review as we explain below.

Regardless of whether we have reviewed a school for The Guide, there is a login and password available for every school.

Armed with the login and password, you can:


  • Keep essential school details up to date. Include open day dates, fees (if applicable), website address and so much more.
  • Add a self-portrait for the general public to see. Add a paragraph or two to let parents know about your school and what makes your school special. 
  • Features - if you have a golf-course, offer the IB, are an Ofsted outstanding school, Crested registered etc make sure you tell parents by checking the appropriate boxes on the features tab.
  • SEN/Gifted - parents are very keen to know what schools offer for children. Our SEN survey has space for you to write about the provision in your school (including EAL and gifted) plus a simple tick-box section which links to our online search. Parents see your responses in full and of course it raises your profile when they search. 
  • Add a photo. We know parents love to see school pics.  Once you are logged in, images are quick and easy to upload. We even display the image in  search results  -  a great way to make sure your school stands out from the crowd! 

If you do not already know your login and password contact editor@goodschoolsguide.co.uk from a recognised school email address. And remember, there is no charge to schools for this. 

Schools in the guide

The schools we review

We review approximately 1200 schools but feature all 30,000 as part of our directory of schools. The Good Schools Guide is an independent guide (we do not charge schools for their entries). 

The choice of schools for The Guide is a personal one, based on recommendations of parents and others who know the schools well. We periodically review schools included in The Guide and reconsider those schools not currently included but on the 'suggested list' to see if they should be added.

We welcome comments on any schools from anyone but especially value those from current and recent parents of the school.


If your school does not appear to be listed

We endeavour to include all Department for Education schools and UK independent schools (or equivalent) in the UK that cater for 5 or more children aged 5 - 19. If for any reason a recognised school isn't listed please email editor@goodschoolsguide.co.uk so we can rectify the situation.


Listings are free - we do not charge schools for listings or reviews.


Completing the SEN survey

The SEN survey is reasonably long, because special needs is a complex area. Do fill in the bits that apply to your school - 3000+ schools have already done so. It's tough being a parent, it's tougher still when a child has SEN. The more you include, the more you help parents. (They get to see the survey in full and the tick-boxes link to the search facility).

If you don't want to complete all the tick-boxes just complete the first part where we ask you to describe provision for children with SEN (and those who are gifted and talented). The SENCo is often the ideal person to complete the questionnaire which can be updated at any time. As with the basic details, we recommend schools check their entry at least once every year. The SEN survey is included as a feature of our advanced search. 


Submitting changes 

All changes are viewed by an administrator before being accepted. This ensures changes are legitimate and free from typos etc. Factual changes and updates are welcome at any time and, except at busy periods and weekends, should appear within 24 hours, after which time you are free to submit additional changes. 


Need extra help or want to get in touch?

Email: office@goodschoolsguide.co.uk

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