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*Data is currently available for English senior independent schools and senior and junior state schools. Catchment maps only apply to English state schools and show where pupils currently at a school come from. 

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  1. Your child. Gifted, average, SEN? How will a child like yours fare at any particular school? Get the inside track on English schools that REALLY get results.
  2. Your catchment area. English state school admissions a worry? Don't move home without checking our unique catchment area maps - showing where pupils come from.
  3. Your schools search and 'My Schools'.  Our free search is great but subscribers have added extras, to help uncover the real gems and to store and compare schools of interest. 
  4. Your insight into exams. Analyse KS2, GCSE and A-level examination performances at English schools; you'll be amazed by the results.
  5. Your child's subject choices. Great school, shame about maths? Subscribers identify which schools are subject leaders. Ideal for anyone looking to find a good English secondary or senior school.
  6. Your child's university aspirations. Worried about university discrimination? See the universities that schools send pupils to and the courses they follow.
  7. Your school choices. See which schools pupils come from and where they move on to (for virtually all English state schools). 
  8. Our unique UK school reviews of 1200+ hand-picked 'good schools'. Twenty-five years of visiting schools, quizzing parents, pupils, heads and informed locals make for authoritative, informed, witty, opinionated and fiercely independent reviews. Essential reading for parents who want the best for their children. Look for A Good Schools Guide School  
  9. Our expert education advice. We challenge you to ask a question not dealt with authoritatively and read-ably on our site. No other education website comes near.
  10. Our unparalleled Special Educational Needs resource. Expert and informative articles, data on everything from mild dyslexia to rare and complex conditions, intelligent 'how-to' advice  - all written with inside knowledge and experience.

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Schools We Review in the printed guide and online...

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  • Hand-picked state and independent schools

  •  No school pays for entry into the guide. Schools cannot buy their way into the Guide. 

  • We visit schools, talk to parents, pupils, staff, the head and moles,  and independently write the reviews.

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    A closer look at what's inside The Good Schools Guide Online


    30,000 schools at your fingertips...

    The Good Schools Guide Online school pages...

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    Good Schools Guide School Pages

    Illustration of Information tabs found on individual school pages data/results tab.

    Good Schools Guide

    Entry/Exit* - For English state schools  - the schools pupils come from and those they move on to.

    GSG Review* - We review 1100+ of the 30,000 schools - look for A GSG School

    Data Results* - For English state primary schools and senior schools - examine school performance at KS2, GCSE and A level. (See illustration below of A level performance tab).

    Performance*- See how well the school performs against other English schools - plus 'Ofsted' at a glance.

    University* - The universities and courses pupils at English senior schools go on to. 

    Catchment* - For English state schools see where pupils, currently at the school, come from.

    SEN - An in-depth look at what schools have said about their SEN and gifted provision. To date approximately 10% of schools (3,000+) have completed this voluntary, free to view, search-able survey. 

    Features - An IB School? Accredited by CReSTeD? Has a golf course? The tab displays special search-able features attributed to the school.

    Overview - Essential information, including address details, links to school websites, inspection reports and more.

    Comments - Read what other parents and moles say about the school - or be the first to comment.



    Try Before You Buy

    Visit these 'free to view' schools. Explore results - read our independent reviews*

    The Lady Eleanor Holles School - independent girls' school

    South Farnham Primary School - state co-educational primary school

    Ripon Grammar School - state co-educational, senior boarding school

    You'll be surprised by the results!

    *We review 1100+ of the 30,000 UK, look for A GSG School or subscribe now! We carry extensive in-depth analysis of English state and senior independent schools performance and results even if we have not reviewed them.

    * Subscriber only feature. Data including catchment maps is not available for schools outside of England, nor for English prep schools.




    Find A School - Whatever type, wherever, we can help...

    Find A School


    Whether you require boarding or day, independent or state schools,  our in-depth school search will help you find the right school for your child. 

    • Search by school name, by choice of religion(s), by postcode, area, or LA. 
    • Search for boys' schools, girls' schools or co-ed.
    • Find mainstream and special schools - even search those who have answered our SEN survey.

    Choose to display your results on a map or in summary view. If you're a registered user you can add schools instantly to your 'My School' lists so you don't lose track of your favourites;  subscribers have the added advantage of being able to compare their favourite English schools, to find the very best for their child.





    Expert help and advice on schools and schooling...

    Good Schools Guide Articles and features



    • School admissions advice
    • Tutors tutoring 
    • School entry and entrance examinations
    • Special educational needs
    • How to find the right school...
    • Universities
    • The curriculum and exams

    And so much more...Some are free, others are available only to our subscribers.






    For individual English schools* Subscribers get the inside track on:


    • Value added GCSE graphHow well a school performs.
    • Which schools do best by the brightest, the average or below average child. 
    • Who adds the most value.
    • Which schools a particular school recruits from and where children move onto.
    • The universities sixth-formers go on to and the courses they follow
    • The types of courses available - just GCSEs and A-levels or vocational, IB Pre-U and other options? 
    • What subjects are popular at a school and which get the best results.

    Even good schools can have weak links 

    Great results can mask a poor showing in an individual subject or department - make sure it isn't a subject that matters to your child. Please note data is not usually available for prep schools as pupils do not take public examinations, nor are prep schools obliged to keep records of value-added etc. 



    Catchment - see where current pupils come from

    Catchment Map


    Don't buy the family home without consulting our catchment area maps!

    We have school catchment* area maps, available to subscribers, that show which areas children, at any particular English state school, come from - they do not indicate any catchment zone set-up by the authority. You should always use in conjunction with the latest information from the school admissions authority.


    *Catchment maps are produced for English state schools only. English prep schools and English infant schools do not have any public examination results. 




    You have a short-list of schools - now what? 



    Well you could opt for the school that has the uniform you like best or, if you are a subscriber,  you could compare the schools* via My Schools to see which really is best for your child. 


    And of course you'll want to consult our check-lists on questions to ask when visiting schools and, whether your opting for a state school, a selective school or an independent school we recommend you check out our trusted advice on school admissions. 

    *Catchment maps are produced for English state schools only. English prep schools and state infant schools do not have any public examination results.




    Do children progress to university?

    Which university course


    Will this school set your child on the right path?


    For the very first time we bring you brand new data on which courses youngsters go on to study what universities - separated by gender.

    See the types of courses then click on the bars to see more detailed results.


    See the university groups - eg Russell Group - click to see which Russell Groups are especially popular with students from that school...




    Different - is that your child? 

    The Good Schools Guide Special Educational Needs survey

    Thankfully children are different .


    On this website we review a number of special schools - reviews that are not available in the current printed guide...and In Sussing Out Schools And Horses for Courses we recognise that what suits one child would be a nightmare for others.




    We feature all schools so why are we called The Good Schools Guide?


    • Twenty six years ago we set-out to uncover the best schools in the country based on what parents were telling us. That hasn't changed. The printed guide is still available to purchase from our online store. The candid reviews are available both in The Guide and to our online subscribers.

    • Today there are 1200+ schools (out of more than 30,000 schools in the UK) that we think are particularly noteworthy; schools that parents rave about. We research, visit and independently review those schools then write our expert, trusted, candid reviews. These provide a bench-mark but importantly they help parents work out what is important for their child.  We've done the hard-work and asked the questions prospective parents dare not.

    • We have a positive outlook  - we try to help you find great schools but importantly to uncover the right school for your child. We have a wealth of advice and information - to guide you every step of the way - from first thoughts to final decisions. 

    • We celebrate teaching excellence; look out for senior schools that have received our prestigious Good Schools Guide Awards.

    • We want to give you great information on all schools so you can make the right choice for your child. We offer help, advice and guidance because we want your child's school days  to genuinely be among the happiest days of their life. 

    A subscription to the Good Schools Guide is just  £3.25* a month when purchased as an annual subscription.  A one month introductory subscription costs just £9.99


    The NOT so small print

    1. On this website we feature all 30,000+ UK schools. We  have reviewed approximately 1200 'hand-picked' schools indicated viaA Good Schools Guide School  If you are only interested in particular schools and their reviews (rather than all else, including exams data and catchment) please check they are reviewed. Use 'Find A School' - 'More Search Options' - 'In GSG'  to see a list of all reviewed schools. 
    2. Catchment area maps are a feature for English state schools only. Welsh schools, Scottish schools, NI schools, Independent schools and others do not have catchment area maps. The catchment area maps serve as a guide but cannot be used to guarantee admission to a particular school. Catchment areas and schools admissions criteria can, and often do, change annually.
    3. We have extensive data for English schools only. We hope to include other areas within the UK in due course. However, we do carry in-depth reviews of schools from across Britain. 
    4. Subscription fees quoted are for individual, personal use only. Multi-use and business / corporate rates are available on request. We do not automatically renew subscriptions - to continue your subscription you must re-purchase.
    5. For further information please See Terms & Conditions.


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