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Sample review snapshot:

‘There’s lots of hat wearing and role playing, for example they did Lenin’s funeral in history and they all had to wear something black. And my daughter loved it when they put a mobile phone in a microwave to see the waves in science. Every lesson has a creative and a serious element,’ says one mother.



The NOT so small print

  1. On this website we feature all 30,000+ UK schools. We  have reviewed approximately 1200 'hand-picked' schools. If you are only interested in particular schools and their reviews (rather than all else, including exams data and catchment) please check they are reviewed. Use 'Find A School' - 'More Search Options' - 'In GSG'  to see a list of all reviewed schools.

  2. Catchment area maps are a feature for English state schools only. Welsh schools, Scottish schools, NI schools, Independent schools and others do not have catchment area maps. The catchment area maps serve as a guide but cannot be used to guarantee admission to a particular school. Catchment areas and schools admissions criteria can, and often do, change annually.

  3. We have extensive exam data for English schools only but please note most English Independent Prep schools do not follow the national curriculum and therefore may not have exam data available until GCSE / IGCSE.

  4. Subscription fees quoted are for individual, personal use only. Multi-use and business / corporate rates are available on request. We do not automatically renew subscriptions - to continue your subscription you must re-purchase.

  5. For further information please see Terms & Conditions.


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