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Stanground Academy, Peterborough is a state school for boys and girls aged from 11 to 18.

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Special Education Needs Survey

SEN Statement

Students who have reading, spelling and/or numeracy levels below their chronological age are offered a range of support programmes in addition to in-class support from the Teaching Assistants. Some of these programmes are provided during the school day and others during morning tutorial.

Morning tutorial provision programmes provided:

1. Units of Sound Spelling Programme – one-to-one spelling work with a Teaching Assistant
2. Paired Reading - One to one reading with a Year 10, Year 11, a Sixth former or adult helper.
3. SuccessMaker Reading and Spelling Programmes - Computer aided individual learning programme.
4. Springboard Maths – for students who did not achieve Level 4 in their KS2 SATs. The aim is to build on their basic numeracy skills and to increase their confidence in Mathematics.

Learning Support opens at 8.00am. Tutorial programmes start officially at 8.30am.

School Day Provision

Corrective Reading
All four levels of Corrective Reading are taught at Stanground. Students are withdrawn from mainstream lessons for 2 x 1 hour per week to attend their Corrective Reading lessons.

Units of Sound Spelling.
This is a Dyslexia Institute Course using multi-sensory methods to improve the spelling and vocabulary for Secondary students and adults. Students are withdrawn from mainstream lessons for 1 hour per week to attend Units of Sound lessons.

SuccessMaker Enterprise.
All students in Year 7 have one hour per week of SuccessMaker Reading and Spelling. These classes all have TA support.

Key Stage 4 Withdrawal
A small number of students in Year 10 and 11 need extra help with their class and course work. Based on their individual needs they are offered support. The intervention programme is tailored to each student’s unique problems.

In Class Support
Teaching assistants support students with special educational needs in their mainstream lessons. Although this support is targeted at students with a statement of special educational need the teaching assistants work with all the students in the classroom. Help is offered in all curriculum areas where there is a need and allocated hours permit.

Monitoring and evaluating progress.
All students who take part in the withdrawal programmes are tested termly to look at their progress in reading and spelling to ensure that students are on the appropriate programme. If progress is not being made alternative intervention is offered. This includes intensive ILS programmes such as Wordshark, Starspell, etc. Once a year in the summer term all students in Key Stage 3 are tested to make sure that no student is falling behind. Any students who are falling behind are offered intervention.

Learning support clubs.

Break And Lunchtime Homework Club
The learning support area is open every break and lunch time. It is staffed by teaching assistants. Any student who needs help with homework, coursework or class work is welcome to come. In addition to written homework, they can work on SuccessMaker or use the computers for research. The students are allowed to eat a packed lunch in the area.

Students are able to go to the SuccessMaker Suite to work on the computers, play board games or generally socialise in a safe and secure environment with TAs in support and a number of Year 9 trained mentors.

Chill Club
This is offered to Year 7 students for three hours per week at lunchtime where they can eat their lunch and play board and other games supervised by a TA.

Learning Support Open Evening
Each year the department holds an open evening when parents are very welcome to come along and meet staff who work with their children. They are able to learn about the work of the learning support department and find out about the different programmes used. They are also offered methods of supporting their child at home both with homework and with methods to improve their reading, spelling and numeracy. Parents receive letters to inform them of the dates and time of the meeting.

Liaison with parents.

The Learning Support Department prides itself on close contact with parents. All parents are informed of the progress made by their children via letters, phone calls or emails. The Learning Support Manager / SENCO offers a surgery to parents by appointment every Monday after school from 3.20pm to 5.00pm. A number of parents drop their children off and pick them up every day from Learning Support, which also aids communication and improves behaviour.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Aspergers Syndrome MildTicked
Aspergers Syndrome ModerateTicked
Aspergers Syndrome SevereTicked
Autism MildTicked
Autism ModerateTicked
Autism SevereTicked
Semantic Pragmatic DisorderTicked
Other Autistic

Behavioural Difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Attention Deficit Disorder MildTicked
Attention Deficit Disorder ModerateTicked
Attention Deficit Disorder SevereTicked
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders MildTicked
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders ModerateTicked
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders SevereTicked
Emotional and behavioural difficulties MildTicked
Emotional and behavioural difficulties ModerateTicked
Emotional and behavioural difficulties SevereTicked
Conduct DisordersTicked
Obsessive Compulsive DisordersTicked
Oppositional Defiant DisordersTicked
Tourettes and other tic disordersTicked

Genetic and related Disorders

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Down's Syndrome MildTicked
Down's Syndrome ModerateTicked
Down's Syndrome SevereTicked
Fragile XTicked
Other geneticTicked

Learning difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Moderate learning difficultiesTicked
Profound and multiple learning difficultiesTicked
Severe learning difficultiesTicked

Specific learning difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Dyscalculia MildTicked
Dyscalculia ModerateTicked
Dyscalculia SevereTicked
Dyslexia MildTicked
Dyslexia ModerateTicked
Dyslexia SevereTicked
Dyspraxia MildTicked
Dyspraxia ModerateTicked
Dyspraxia SevereTicked
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Mild
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Moderate
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Severe
English as an additional languageTicked

Sensory Impairment

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Hearing Impairment MildTicked
Hearing Impairment ModerateTicked
Hearing Impairment SevereTicked
Multi-sensory ImpairmentTicked
Speech and Language DifficultiesTicked
Visual Impairment MildTicked
Visual Impairment ModerateTicked
Visual Impairment SevereTicked

Medical and Related Needs

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Cerebral Palsy MildTicked
Cerebral Palsy ModerateTicked
Cerebral Palsy Severe
"Delicate" childrenTicked
Eating disordersTicked
Physical Difficulties (Not indicated elsewhere.)

General Questions

Are all children tested for SEN on entry to the school?TickedThis occurs in September of each Intake and for each new entrant on an individual basis.
Please outline the screening programmes used by the school.CAT tests, NFER-Nelson Group Reading Test, Blackwell's Spelling Test.
How many children with statements of need or equivalent do you have in the school?45
Do you make special provision for exceptionally gifted children?
Please outline what is on offer for such children
Please indicate if the school has or has available to it any of the following:
Behaviour Support Unit.A Seclusion Unit in operation from Sept 2006.
Learning Support Unit.
Pupil Referral Unit.
Other withdrawal.See details above.
Specialist language centre
Schemes or Initiatives such as SHARE or Playing for Success.
Please indicate if the school has any of the following characteristics:
SEN accreditation, for example by CRESTED?TickedAccredited by the Basic Skills Agency as the school has the Basic Skills Kitemark.
Centre of excellence for SEN that is Not already outlined?
Good wheelchair access
Provides outreach support?
Receives outreach support?
Do children with SEN participate fully in sport and other extracurricular activities?Ticked
Please provide information on staffing. Does the school have:
A SENCO or equivalent?Ticked
Staff who will administer prescription medicines to a childTicked
Qualified teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment(please say how many, in full-time equivalent).Ticked
Non-teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment(please say how many, in full-time equivalent).Ticked
Please list specialist qualifications held by teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment.BSC Hons in Psychology. Diploma in Special Needs in Education. Certificate in Curriculum Differentiation. Certificate in Specific Literacy Difficulties. Certificate in the Role of the SENCO. Certificate in Professional Studies - SEN accepted to produce special arrangements for exams. Certificate in Performance Coaching.
Please list specialist qualifications held by non-teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment.In context Training on SEN. SuccessMaker Enterprise Training.

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