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Long Road Sixth Form College
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Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge is a state school for boys and girls aged from 16 to 19.

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The closing date for applications is 1st February.

We offer nearly 40 A level courses and eight level three National Diploma courses. At level 2 there are Applied programmes and Access to A level courses in Humanities and Science subjects. Usually applications are made by early February for a place in September of that year. Places are usually available for students from outside our catchment area. Read More

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Special Education Needs Survey

SEN Statement

Students are supported to achieve their very best. Staff in the academic support department are able to offer one to one support both in and out of lessons.

January 2012

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Aspergers Syndrome Mild
Aspergers Syndrome Moderate
Aspergers Syndrome Severe
Autism Mild
Autism Moderate
Autism Severe
Semantic Pragmatic Disorder
Other Autistic

Behavioural Difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Attention Deficit Disorder Mild
Attention Deficit Disorder Moderate
Attention Deficit Disorder Severe
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders Mild
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders Moderate
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders Severe
Emotional and behavioural difficulties Mild
Emotional and behavioural difficulties Moderate
Emotional and behavioural difficulties Severe
Conduct Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Oppositional Defiant Disorders
Tourettes and other tic disorders

Genetic and related Disorders

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Down's Syndrome Mild
Down's Syndrome Moderate
Down's Syndrome Severe
Fragile X
Other genetic

Learning difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Moderate learning difficulties
Profound and multiple learning difficulties
Severe learning difficulties

Specific learning difficulties

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Dyscalculia Mild
Dyscalculia Moderate
Dyscalculia Severe
Dyslexia Mild
Dyslexia Moderate
Dyslexia Severe
Dyspraxia Mild
Dyspraxia Moderate
Dyspraxia Severe
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Mild
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Moderate
Other Specific Learning Difficulties Severe
English as an additional language

Sensory Impairment

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Hearing Impairment Mild
Hearing Impairment Moderate
Hearing Impairment Severe
Multi-sensory Impairment
Speech and Language Difficulties
Visual Impairment Mild
Visual Impairment Moderate
Visual Impairment Severe

Medical and Related Needs

Currently no provision for.Can provide for but no experience of Experience of Now provide for in school Centre of Excellence for.
Cerebral Palsy Mild
Cerebral Palsy Moderate
Cerebral Palsy Severe
"Delicate" children
Eating disorders
Physical Difficulties (Not indicated elsewhere.)

General Questions

Are all children tested for SEN on entry to the school?Ticked
Please outline the screening programmes used by the school.
How many children with statements of need or equivalent do you have in the school?
Do you make special provision for exceptionally gifted children?
Please outline what is on offer for such children
Please indicate if the school has or has available to it any of the following:
Behaviour Support Unit.
Learning Support Unit.
Pupil Referral Unit.
Other withdrawal.
Specialist language centre
Schemes or Initiatives such as SHARE or Playing for Success.
Please indicate if the school has any of the following characteristics:
SEN accreditation, for example by CRESTED?
Centre of excellence for SEN that is Not already outlined?
Good wheelchair access
Provides outreach support?
Receives outreach support?
Do children with SEN participate fully in sport and other extracurricular activities?
Please provide information on staffing. Does the school have:
A SENCO or equivalent?
Staff who will administer prescription medicines to a child
Qualified teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment(please say how many, in full-time equivalent).
Non-teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment(please say how many, in full-time equivalent).
Please list specialist qualifications held by teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment.
Please list specialist qualifications held by non-teaching staff with learning support or SEN commitment.

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Ex Student- on the subject of 'Arts/vocational courses'

by Alice.W >> Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:07 PM
Last updated on: Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:51 PM

I chose 'Arts courses' or courses of a more vocational nature when I joined long road. These where -Drama and theater studies (A level) -Art, painting and sculpture (A level) -Photography (A level) - and Film Studies (A level) Although this was more of an academic subject and I only studies this for the first year of my 2 years at Long Road) I personally felt I had a very negative experience at Long Road. I leave this comment as many people have said that they think of it as a very Arts orientated sixth from and I disagree. I wish to offer the following as an honest opinion and experience from a Student which I hope will help students when they come to choosing courses: I have heard many good things about the academic courses at the sixth form and know many students (current and ex) who have enjoyed their academic courses and received excellent teaching and grades from them. However, it is my opinion that the Arts department (as far as Fine Art and Photography courses go) is underfunded and not up to the high expectations that I enrolled with. I feel that it is a good sixth form for those looking for an academic course but it's Arts side lets it down. I would not have thought quite so poorly of it had I not been told that it was very good for that kind of course so I just wanted to dispel those rumours to a certain degree. My experience has been of broken equipment in the photography department (such as driers and enlargers) leading to poor quality prints and students unable to create as good work as they would otherwise be able to. And also of Photography teachers unable to use or navigate the software to a reasonable level, which they are meant to be educating and aiding the students in. They have had to call in other photography teachers to show students how to use much of the program (a version of Photoshop) which is impractical to both teachers and students and also this help is rarely available. The department also seems to be lacking the funding to supply appropriate equipment for the studio (such as blinds, white and black sheets). I enrolled for a Painting and sculpture course for my Art A level, yet after my first year I was forced to move to a Painting and Printmaking class and my previous class split up into different paint and print classes. This was because the only teacher capable of teaching sculpture had too many classes when the next year of students arrived. Therefore I felt that I did not receive the 2 years of Painting and sculpture lessons that I enrolled for. The Drama and theatre studies teacher which I had was regularly late, providing incorrect teaching and failed to provide information of Deadlines and curriculum which another teacher had to come in and amend for us. This teacher eventually left Long Road sixth form without teaching there for a whole year. Nevertheless this still left me with a very negative opinion. I do not mean to say that Long Road is any worse than any other sixth from as I have not experienced any others and could not say for certain, but many of my fellow students have agreed that the Arts departments did not meet expectations. Also a word of warning for students wishing to take more than 1 Fine Arts A level, such as I did with Art and Photography, the work load is very heavy and with coursework and exam work due in at the same time for both subjects, can be very difficult. I feel that those wanting to do purely Arts subjects may be better off choosing the Art Diploma if they do not mind not having A levels as this is a good spread of multiple forms of art including mixed media, digital, photography, painting and printmaking etc. I think there are many good points to Long Road but it's Art Departments do not deserve to be hailed as their best nor should Long Road be advertised as a primarily Arts orientated sixth from. The sixth from it's self is quite a long way out of the center of Cambridge but this only causes inconvenience to those who cannot/don't/don't want to use buses.

Jamie (ex student)

by nrcbw >> Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:04 PM
Last updated on: Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:28 PM

I think that Long Road Sixth Form is a fantastic college, even more so complemented with its fantastic teaching staff, and it is set in 23 acres of land, though the college itself only takes a small amount of that! There's lovely mature trees (Some of which must be atleast 100 years old, if not much older), benches, daffodils and flowers (Especially at the moment, as it's spring), which makes being at the college simply wonderful. There's a butterfly garden in the centre 'quad' of the college, which contains many herbs and other such plants, in a bit to attract insects. The teaching staff are fantastic, and seem to have enthusiasm that I have not seen before, and really go out of their way to help you, even if you're not their student! The heads of the subjects, and higher admin staff such as the senior tutors, are easily approachable and do not intimidate at all. The support that can be given for those that need it is great, from having note takers in the lessons with you, to offering to help you with your homework. There are also teacher run 'workshops' several times a week, that go over the material that has been taught recently, which is fantastic if you have missed a lesson. You can catch the Citi 7 bus from Robinson way, just across the road to the entrance, and that takes you down to Addenbrookes, which has a small hub there which you can then catch other buses that will take you to other areas of Cambridge. If you have a few hours spare in you day, you can easily hop on the bus, get a coffee and a Subway, and then pop back to college again! I have one month left at Long Road, and then I have finished my A-Levels. I wish I didn't have to leave!

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