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Choosing a school for SEN - on a visit

Article published 9th June 2008

Visiting schools for children with SENSpecial educational needs and their associated problems are as wide-ranging and individual as the child. If you decide to visit a school, allow at least half a day, longer if your child will be boarding or has more complex needs. Be prepared to visit a school on more than one occasion.

Be sure that your child will never be asked ‘Is this the best you can do?’

Ask to be put in contact with current and recent parents...and follow the tips below.

Getting Reading Right  - A Case Study
Leighton Primary School, Crewe has high levels of deprivation but low levels of SEN. Their aim is not just 'every child a reader' but to help all children discover the joy of reading...

Choosing a school: first steps for SEN
Article published 9th June 2008 Few things cause so much angst for parents as finding the right school for their child. Once offspring have been through the system most parents wise...

Finding SEN Schools
Article published 5th June 2008 Finding schools that provide for particular educational or medical needs on this site...Choosing a school for any child can be d ifficult. When the...

Why choose a special school?
    What matters, to your child with special needs or learning difficulties or disabilities, is finding provision that best suits their individual needs and requirements....

Choosing SEN provision
Article published 6th June 2008 Ultimately what matters, is getting the most appropriate type of schooling at the right time and having a choice available. The choice of provision...

Unit And Resourced Provision For SEN
Article published 6th June 2008 Bridging the divide? A greater understanding of special needs and improved resources means that, for many children, it is no longer a straight...

Choosing a school - high level support
Article published 9th June 2008 When it comes to choosing a specialist school beware of schools that offer all things to all people. What is the head’s attitude, and what...

SEN Admission To UK Independent Schools
Article published 9th June 2008   When a child has known special needs, interview and assessment are the norm. This is to make sure school and child are a good match,...

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