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Classroom Help For Children With SEN


Under the Disability Discrimination Act, appropriate help must be provided by schools and colleges so that children with special educational needs are ‘on a level playing field’ with their peers.

Someone with dyspraxia who writes very slowly may qualify for extra time in exams, get help with typing tuition and be permitted to use a laptop in class.

You should hope for a quiet confidence from your school about fulfilling your child’s special needs, but if staff appear horrified by them or flippant in their attitude to dealing with it then it's time to reconsider what is best for your child.

SEN - How A School Should Help
Article published 5th June 2008   The statutory guidance on inclusive schooling that exists for all state schools and nurseries for children with SEN in England doesn't apply...

Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
Article published 1st December 2008 Formalising classroom help and target setting What is an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and what will it mean for a child and their parents if...

The Special Needs Register
Article published 9th June 2008 Often, the first a parent hears of his or her child not coping as well as expected is when the teacher suggests placing the child on the special needs...

Statements of SEN - your questions answered
Article publish 9th June 2008 If a school cannot meet all the child’s needs from its resources, it may be necessary to apply for a statement of SEN. Statements are designed...

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