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ASD - Asperger's Syndrome And Autism

Autism - a lifelong condition


With grateful thanks to the National Autistic Society for their help in compiling this article.

Autistic spectrum disorders


All people with Autistic Spectrum Difficulties (ASD) have some degree of social and communication difficulties. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability. Some people have accompanying learning disabilities, others have average or above-average intelligence.

Those most severely affected by ASD will benefit from the use of a specialised programme such as those offered by TEACCH or ABA/VB. Some at the extremes of the spectrum may cope well with the demands of academic study - including at the very highest levels.  

ASD - Asperger's Syndrome And Autism
Autism - a lifelong condition   With grateful thanks to the National Autistic Society for their help in compiling this article.   All people with Autistic...

Behavioural Disorders
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Global Learning Difficulties
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Selective Mutism
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Tourette Syndrome - TS
  Tourette’s syndrome (TS) usually starts in childhood, around the age of 7. The first symptoms of Tourette's syndrome are usually facial tics such as rapid blinking...

Sensory Difficulties
An overview of sensory difficulties - including multi-sensory difficulties and auditory processing difficulties - and how they may impact on young people and their schooling.

Speech And Language Difficulties (Sp&LD)
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Dyscalculia - When Maths Doesn't Add-Up
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Dysgraphia - Difficulty With Writing
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