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Where did Great Britain's Paralympic medalists go to school?

The 2016 Summer Paralympic Games, taking place in Rio De Janeiro from the 7th to the 18th September, is the fifteenth time the Summer... Read More

Choosing a school for a child

Choosing a school for a child with performing arts talents

As proud parents, we all know our children are unique. They're smarter than anyone else's, funnier, certainly more attractive, better… Read More

Where to find a state school

Where to find a state grammar school

Identifying and locating grammar schools. Grammar schools are located in 36 English local authorities. Almost half of these are considered 'selective authorities'...Read More

The Good Schools Guide to tutors

The Good Schools Guide to tutors

Everything you need to know about choosing a tutor for your child. Whatever your reason for using tutoring services outside of school, you’ll want to get the best bang for your...Read More

Appealing for a school place

Appealing for a school place

Despite all you’ve heard about competition for places at the school you want for your child, it’s still a huge shock when your secondary offer comes through for Unpopular Academy...Read More

Fees & financial assistance

Fees & financial assistance

You want an independent school education for your children but can’t afford the fees? These days, independent education - especially if you have more than one child...Read More

State school admissions

State school admissions

School admissions in England are regulated by the Schools Admissions Code, and schools must play fair, ensuring their admissions policy is not only fair but also transparent...Read More

The Charter School - behind the paywall

The Charter School - behind the paywall

What could be more useful in a demanding headship than a head for heights, stamina and the ability to pull rabbits out of a hat? Despite his own alma mater, he is committed to the principle of... Read More

Getting an educational psychology assessment

Getting an educational psychology assessment

An assessment by an educational psychologist will help a school understand how best they can help a child with special educational needs. The EP may also recommend a referral to other professionals such...Read More

About the number one UK trusted school guide

About the number one UK trusted school guide

Unbiased and candid school reviews. In-depth articles on all aspects of education. Trusted by parents for over thirty years. Available in print, online or through our expert consultants...Read More

The British Army

The British Army apprenticeships reviewed

Many of those wanting to find out more about a life in the British Armed Forces, already have a gut feeling about whether they are more interested in the Army, the Navy, or the RAF...Read More

British schools

British Schools

For families resident in the European Union or possessing EU passports, British state schools provide a popular and cost effective means of educating your children in the UK...Read More

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Grammar schools – are they really what’s needed?
As the debate about grammar schools hots up and the Prime Minister herself seems to favour their...

Educating the gifted child
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Inspection reports from Ofsted
As with most reports, there’s a code to decipher and a few questions to ask. The local school gets...

Primary school admissions – where do I start?
Taking that first step into primary school education is crucial for you and your child, but how should..

Private schools paying for the privilege
Public Schools - Private Schools - Independent Schools - Fee-paying Schools. It used to be the case...

Schools in London
Let our experts help you navigate the capital’s education jungle. Need to find a school in London...

Dyslexic - is that my child?
Dyslexia is a life-long condition that cannot be cured but with appropriate, timely help and intervention...

State schools - the right one?
State schools exist not only in a variety of forms, but with nuances between those.  Some areas continue...

ASD - asperger's syndrome and autism
With grateful thanks to the National Autistic Society for their help in compiling this article. All people with autistic...


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