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We will not (unless with your express permission or as required to do so by law) reveal your data to anyone else, or share it, or sell it.

If you register on any of our sites, or purchase any of our products, we will retain the information that you give us on a secure server in the UK.

We will use your data to manage your rights on our systems, and to contact you regarding the maintenance of those rights. We may also, unless you ask us not to do so (see options on your customer details page) make you aware of our current products and offers, and may also draw to your attention third party offers.

We may also use your data to understand our business better, to monitor the use made of our systems, and otherwise improve our site.

If you send us a comment about a school, we will make that comment available to our editors and staff. We may incorporate your comments and views in our write-ups of schools, but will not do so in a way which could lead to your identification

If you send us a comment on a specific individual, we will make that comment available to our editors and staff. We may incorporate your comments and views in our write-ups of schools, but will not do so in a way which could lead to your identification.

You are entitled to view a copy of any of your personal data we hold. Subject to payment of our administration charge, we will send you a copy of the data we hold following a request in writing sent to us at our postal address (see Contact Us). We will not disclose personal data which could identify another person unless we are satisfied that we can do so in such a way that will prevent that person being identified or we first obtain that person's consent.


We use cookies on this site for four purposes:

  1. to protect ourselves against automated raids on our data. For this reason, we only permit access to users who allow cookies; and
  2. to identify registered users, to make their logging-in easier, and to maintain them as logged-in throughout their visit to our site; and
  3. to track visitors' use of our site so that we can better understand what use they make of it; and
  4. to keep track of visitors from partner sites so that we can know where our subscribers come from.

We will not under any circumstance (unless required to do so by law) share cookie data with any other party. We will not under any circumstances use spyware or other intrusive programs.

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