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Education Consultants from The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants advise parents on everything to do with children and their education 

Our service is a personal one-to-one service.You tell us what you want and we tell you how we can help. And then we do! Our education consultants are our most experienced writers. They have visited countless schools. All are parents. You will have your own personal advisor who has the benefit of the combined experience and expertise of the entire team to draw on. All our consultants work as hard for the children of their clients as they do for their own. Find out more

Call 0203 286 6824 or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas

or email: [email protected]

About The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants

  • Who we are

    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants team is made up of our most experienced writers around the country. All our advisors have visited many schools and all have specialisms in eg boarding, the IB, Special Educational Needs. All are parents, many are teachers, retired head teachers or other experts in education.

  • Examples of how we can help

    Your child is 9 and you are exploring his senior school options. You could move house and you are considering paying for independent education. But where do you look? How do you start? Your consultant will listen to everything you are looking for in a school and will research a list covering all your requirements – even in different parts of the country. Then, if you wish, she will help you through the application process.

  • What makes us different?

    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants is not like any other organisation which advises parents on schools and schooling. If you are looking for reliable, sensible and expert advice you need to know what makes us different - in fact, unique.

  • What parents say about us

    We think often of how much we appreciate your help and advice. We never could have found this on our own. Dr DK

  • Contact us

    General enquiries for The Good Schools Guide Educational Consultants 0203 286 6824 or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas [email protected]

  • FAQs

    Q: Who are the education consultants? What is their background?
    A: Our education consultants are our most experienced writers. All are parents. Most have a professional background in education and/or a great range of educational and schools  experience. You can see all our consultants by clicking on this link. Who We Are.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients are not ‘clients’ – they are parents. Parents like us - whatever their circumstances and whatever children they have. Our clients include famous people – household names – politicians from the UK and overseas, industrialists, journalists, Hollywood actors – among them Oscar winners – novelists, TV personalities, rock singers, DJs, billionaires and princes.

  • Talking to parents

    We love parents. We love talking to parents about schools, education and their children. Our Director and several of the education consultants are happy to come and talk to a group of parents about any aspect of their children’s schooling. We can demystify the confusing and explain the incomprehensible and we love Q and A sessions.

  • Talking to you

    Here are some of the groups we have talked to recently: Maida Vale Mums, The Hampstead Women’s Club, MTV Parents’ Group, Paramount Films Parents’ Group

  • University advice: our experts

    Eileen Penman a California native, Eileen moved to London in 1990 to work as a college counsellor at The American School in London.  During her 16 years at ASL, Eileen served as chair of the ECIS Guidance Committee for 10 years, organising professional development programs for counsellors in international schools and speaking regularly at the annual conferences of CIS and OACAC.  In 2006 she was given the ECIS award for Promotion of International Education.

  • What is an education consultant?

    It’s a good question and the answer will depend on who you ask. The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants is a team of 28 consultants and two administrators. We have a range of professional experience and expertise but what really matters is that we all care deeply about children and the quality of education they receive.

  • Education consultant in Kent

    An education consultant is an independent consultant who helps parents / guardians decide on all aspects of their children's education. The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants has two education consultants specialising in Kent - Catriona Prest and Bernadette John.

  • Русские клиенты

    Консалтинговая компания в области школьного образования «The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants» уже много лет помогает родителям из России в поиске самых лучших школ для их детей. Наши российские клиенты высоко ценят образовательные принципы, принятые в лидирующих школах Великобритании. Как правило, они хотят, чтобы их дети обучались в лучших загородных английских школах с пансионами, или получили образование в одной из самых знаменитых и почетных академических школ Лондона.

  • Clientes de Habla Hispana

    Por muchos años, el Good Schools Guide  ha disfrutado de buenas relaciones con las familias de habla hispana que buscan en Gran Bretaña los mejores colegios para sus hijos. Nuestros clientes Españoles y Latinoamericanos valoran la ética educacional de nuestros colegios excelentes; algunos prefieren que sus hijos tengan la experiencia de los colegios internados famosos localizados en la magnifica campiña inglesa, mientras que otros buscan los colegios con carácter internacional, inclusos los que ofrecen el Bachillerato Internacional.
  • Deutsche Kunden

    Der Good Schools Guide arbeitet bereits seit mehreren Jahren  mit deutschen Eltern zusammen, um in Großbritannien die für ihre Kinder besten Schulen zu finden.

  • 中國客戶




  • All girls together?

    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants helps parents find the best school for their child. This involves balancing concerns about academics, facilities, location and day or boarding. Increasingly, parents are anxious about the merits or otherwise of educating boys and girls separately.

  • Are you ambitious for your child?

    We hope the answer to this, perhaps rather cheeky, question is, ‘yes’! All good parents want the best for their children. They want their child to have opportunities and the chance to develop every bit of potential they have.

  • Bullying

    It can happen anywhere. Fortunately, in the majority of cases bullying issues will be dealt with sensitively and effectively.

  • Gifted and talented children

    Having a child who is genuinely gifted or talented (and we’re not talking here about the generally bright, sparky and eager to learn) can be a very mixed blessing. The questions can be endless, as can the demands for more books, equipment, instruments, outings, extra tuition. It can be an expensive business to be the parent of a genuinely gifted child. There will also be implications for other members of the family – living with a demanding sibling is not easy!

  • International clients

    In today’s world, many families are truly international – their working and family lives taking them all over the world. The Good Schools Guide supports these families wherever they are. The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants (GSGEC) supports families coming to or resident in the UK. Good Schools Guide International supports families all over the world.

  • Kent schools: choosing a secondary

    As fees for private schools continue to rocket, so does the interest in Kent’s schools. One of the biggest draws for families to the county is the prestigious grammar schools, which deliver pupils to the top universities, without the drain on parental pockets – and all within commuting reach of London. But if grammars are not for your child, the county also offers some chart-topping independent and comprehensive schools.

  • London schools

    London presents unique problems, particularly if you want a place in a good state school or at a leading independent day school. London is an overcrowded city with a great diversity of schools.

  • My child has a Special Educational Need – can you help?

    The Good Schools Guide brings together the largest collection of data, information and advice about special educational needs of any organisation in the UK. It is authoritative, up-to-date and written from the inside – by parents for parents.

  • Prep school for beginners

    Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that school is about children. In deciding whether or not to invite your child home for tea, the other parents will definitely be looking at you – and more particularly your clothes and car – to decide whether your child is ‘suitable’ to grace their house and play with their child.

  • Relocating? Moving house in the UK?

    You’ve got the job. You’ve made the decision. For whatever reason, you’re on the move. There is always a lot to think about and it can be hard to know where to start. Find a new house? Or find a new school? And where are the good schools?

  • Scholarships and Bursaries – Common Sense, Dos and Don’ts

    Scholarships are there to be won. In general, scholarships are awarded to candidates who excel – either academically or in sports, arts, music etc. Most scholarships these days are not worth a large percentage of the fees though this is not universally true and, for example, a music scholarship can, in some cases, be worth up to half the normal school fee. Some scholarships are largely honorary which means that the scholar gets the glory but very little fee remission. Scholarships do not depend on the family income.

  • The Best Schools

    While there is no such thing as the “perfect” school and a good school for one child will not be a good school for another, there is no question that UK schools have a deserved world-wide reputation for all-round excellence. The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants regularly help children to gain places at all the top schools in the country.

  • Who really educates my child?

    The simple answer is, you do. From the moment your child arrives in this world, you are his main contact with everything around him. Initially, you ensure that he is fed and clean, safe and warm.


  • Assessments

    We offer assessments in English, maths and in reasoning. Most schools assess these subjects when considering a child for a place. This is especially important for children coming from different countries with different educational systems.

  • Classic School Search

    Many parents need help in finding the best schools for their children. This collaboration with clients is at the heart of The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants.


    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants offers corporate clients a service that no other organisation can rival. We work with companies on an individual basis. We will work with you to evolve a package to suit your clients or personnel.

  • Global Premier School Consultancy

    This service is for international families who want the best education anywhere on the globe for their children and are in search of a place at a top boarding or day school specifically in the UK or for those families based overseas but want to send their children to board in the UK

  • Good Schools Guide International Educational Advice Service

    What is the GSGI Educational Advice Service? Good Schools Guide International has advisors all over the world. The GSGI Advice Service is a consultancy to advise parents, one-to-one, on choosing the best schooling for your children wherever you are – or wherever you are going.

  • Grammar School Appeals

    Your child has passed the 11+, but has not been offered a grammar school place. Or perhaps your child has narrowly missed the required mark or has not performed as expected in the tests. What can you do?

  • Information Meeting

    Sometimes – particularly for families coming to live in London – a one-off Information Meeting with one of our London education specialist consultants is all that is needed.

  • Introductory Consultation

    Telephone consultancy with one of The Good Schools Guide Educational Consultants most experienced advisors

  • More ways we can help

    We can help you in more ways than we could list. Here are a few of the services we can offer you: Help with choosing between two schools. Perhaps you are in the fortunate position of being offered places at both your first choice schools. We can help you home in on what really matters.

  • Our Services

    We offer a range of services to suit all families. Whether you are relocating five children from overseas or whether your first child is as yet unborn we can help and support you in making the right choice for your children’s education. Below are our most popular services. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • Scholarships and Bursaries Service

    A school consultancy advice service to help find scholarships or bursaries to UK independent schools.

  • School appeals and applications under special circumstances

    It is seldom worth employing an expensive legal representative to help you with your school appeals. All local authorities set out on their websites the school admissions and appeals code.

  • Special Educational Needs Service

    Our special educational needs school consultancy team includes several experts in specific learning difficulties.

  • State School Service

    The State School Service is for clients who want data and statistics and/or collation of information on English state schools only.

  • The Data Service

    This is a new service offered by The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants. The Good Schools Guide has a unique bank of data collected from every available educational source along with our own analytics. We can offer a deeper and broader range of statistics than any other education resource in the UK.

  • The Director's Service

    This service is for educational agents whose overseas clients need schools in England. We negotiate each arrangement individually and in total confidentiality.

  • The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants Group Subscription plus Workshop Offer

    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants offers groups eg of parents, workplace colleagues etc a much reduced group subscription to the Good Schools Guide website plus a talk from one of our highly experienced advisors, specifically tailored to your group and its interests/location.

  • The London School Service

    An education consultants service for families looking for the best London school for their children.

  • The Premier School Consultancy

    The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants Premier School Consultancy is the best option for parents who, for example: are international and unfamiliar with UK schools and how to apply

  • Troubleshooter Call

    A new service in 2018. There can be a sudden need for expert advice. Our most experienced consultants are on hand to listen to the problem and to give you the best possible guidance and support.

  • University Advice

    Choosing the right course at the perfect university is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make. Don’t leave it to chance; enlist the first-class, tailor-made help of University Advice Services from The Good Schools Guide.

  • Welcome Meeting

    The Welcome Meeting is a face-to-face meeting with an expert education consultant. It is offered to clients who would like an introduction to the English education system in general, The Good Schools Guide, our services and all the different ways we can support you in your search for the best schools and, perhaps, a new home.

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    Need help? Perhaps you suspect your child has some learning difficulty and you would like advice on what you should do. Or perhaps it is becoming clear that your child's current school is not working for him or her, and you need help to find a mainstream school which has better SEN provision, or to find a special school which will best cater for your child's area of need. Our SEN consultancy team advises on both special schools, and the mainstream schools with good SEN support, from reception through to the specialist colleges for 19+. Special Educational Needs Index

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    The British guide to great universities from Harvard to Hong Kong. We tell you how to choose, how to apply, how to pay.

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    Corona Virus As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, The Good Schools Guide International offers the following guidance:  Determine the global situation and that of individual countries on government mandated school closures by accessing the UNESCO information on this link:   For updates on the medical situation, go to  the World Health Organisation website at  If you wish to contact one of our GSGI listed schools to discover their current status or any plans for alternate learning strategies, please go to our database to find email and phone numbers for each school If your company makes you brexit, The GSGI should be your first…

  • Schools for children with performing arts talents

    As proud parents, we all know our children are unique. They're smarter than anyone else's, funnier, certainly more attractive, better behaved and above all bursting with the kind of talent that would leave Daniel Radcliffe or Charlotte Church standing. And sometimes, just sometimes, parental pride is justified.

  • Finding a state grammar school

      There are currently around 163 state funded grammar schools located in 36 English local authorities, with around 167,000 pupils between them. There are a further 69 grammar schools in Northern Ireland, but none in Wales or Scotland. Almost half of these are in what are considered 'selective authorities' (eg Kent and Buckinghamshire), where around one in five local children are selected for grammar school entry based on ability. The others are areas such as Barnet or Kingston, with only a few grammar schools. How to find a state grammar school Word of warning: not all selective grammar schools have…

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