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London presents unique problems, particularly if you want a place in a good state school or at a leading independent day school. London is an overcrowded city with a great diversity of schools.

How we can help

Many Good Schools Guide Education Consultants' clients need schools in London. We offer several services to help you gain the school place or places you need. In particular:

i) Our London School Service

This service is designed to help:

If you are unfamiliar with London and its education systems we can give you help, guidance and information to enable you to make the best choices about where to live, the best schools, tutoring, admissions criteria etc.

You may also like to consider:

ii) Our Classic School Search

iii) Our Premier School Consultancy

iv) Our State School Service

v) Our Special Educational Needs Service

vi) Our Scholarships and Bursaries Service

Our London education consultants specialise in schools in their areas but also work as a team to provide uniquely well-informed information on the capital as a whole. We can advise where to live to have the best chance of places at good state schools, how to navigate the admissions systems, how and when to approach independent schools, get the most out of open days, ask the right questions and be sure that your child is as well prepared as possible for admissions exams and interviews.

Which London school?

Many people coming from outside London have heard of two or three of our finest schools but won’t necessarily know about the rest – schools which do as good or even better a job in educating and developing our children.

The best schools – both state and independent – are hugely over-subscribed and do not need to advertise for pupils. There are many schools which do a fine job for their pupils and where parents are quietly contented with the education and care their children receive. These schools do not hit the headlines but local people know which they are.

Moving to the capital

If you are moving to London you will have plenty to do. One decision may be to do with where to live and you may be wondering – new school first? Or new area first? Or new house first? This is where we can help. Call us and we will find you a personal consultant who will help you to sort out priorities and work towards a manageable family life in the city. If you are not familiar with London it can be a daunting thing to do on your own. We are here to help.

Finding A New Home?

*We now have a partnership with one of the best property finding companies in London. Our partner will listen to what you need - whether to purchase or to rent - in London and, at no cost to you, will offer you properties to meet your needs and will accompany you to visit them. They negotiate the best price - all paid by the vendor. Please mention this service if you are interested when you contact us.

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