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The Perfect School?

If you live in a small country village where everyone goes to the local primary or takes a bus to the only local comprehensive well, you won’t be reading this!

Chances are you are concerned about getting your child into a good local school and, as far as you know, the odds are against you. The consultants in The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants understand the ins and outs of local schools – the admissions criteria in each local authority, the finer points of faith schools' admissions criteria, catchment areas, ballots, dates and, of course, grammar school selection.

In 2012, in answer to parents’ needs, we launched our State School Service. This is now our busiest service. The service is exclusively for parents who are only interested in state education. It is a very competitively priced service with its own expert state school consultants – Elizabeth Coatman. If you want to discuss a consultancy with Elizabeth, call us on: +44 203 286 6824 or email:

The best new school

Whether you plan to move for a new school or whether you just want the best possible school as close to home as you can get, The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants can help. Our consultants live all over the country and often know about the schools that local gossip keeps to itself. We have moles everywhere who tell us the real story behind the smiling faces in reception and we get to places even School Inspectors never find. Our knowledge is local, detailed and up-to-date. Back this up with the biggest collection of data and statistics on schools and education anywhere in the UK and you have an unbeatable resource available to all parents.

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