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Relocating to a British school? How is your child's English? And Maths?

We offer assessments in English, maths and in reasoning. Most schools assess these subjects when considering a child for a place. This is especially important for children coming from different countries with different educational systems. But there can be many reasons for checking a child's progress in these basic skills.

How Do We Do It?

For 7+ and over, we use entrance tests previously set by a range of academic independent schools. The tests chosen are appropriate to the age and school stage of each child. The tests are set by Susan Hamlyn, director of The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants. Susan – a specialist English teacher – marks the English test and writes the final report. A team of subject experts marks the maths and reasoning. For younger children, we prefer to assess in person.

There are numerous reasons why assessments are worthwhile - again, especially if you are moving to the UK from a different system. They enable you to gauge how your child would fare in competitive examinations compared to other children of his age. They pinpoint gaps in his knowledge or weaknesses in his techniques.

Structure and Cost

Our assessments are usually done remotely ie we send you the papers with instructions and you return them to us when completed. We are happy to do face-to-face assessments but these are priced individually, depending on circumstances and requirements. Most clients opt for one of the two routes below:

We offer a two tier assessment structure for our own clients (ie those who come directly to us rather than via an agent or consultant).

Tier i) Clients who opt for Tier i will receive a detailed report on their child's performance in each paper they undertake plus suggestions and recommendations where appropriate.

Fee of £75 per paper plus £180 to cover the report and administration. This means the fee for the assessment would be:

Tier ii) The assessment papers are the same but the assessors send a brief report to the advisor to help her gauge the best school for the child.

Typical fees for this assessment are:

Assessments for agents

We are happy to conduct assessments for children who are referred to us via agents/consultants. You will find details of this on our Director’s Service page.

Contact us at: or 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.

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