New Parents' Meeting

In all the excitement of a new baby - both before and after the birth - new parents often start to think ahead about schooling and education. This is especially so in London with its unique pressures. It can also seem particularly worrying for new parents whose own education was not in the UK and who feel, therefore, at a disadvantage when it comes to planning ahead.

We offer you our New Parents' Meeting.

You can use this meeting however you like:

How Does It Work?

A New Parents' Meeting lasts up to 90 minutes in a venue of your choice.

We can meet you during the day or, if you prefer, in the evening.

Your advisor will be one of our most experienced and knowledgeable consultants.

You may like to meet your consultant on your own. Or you may prefer to get together with other new or expectant parents and pool your questions - and share the cost!

How Much Does It Cost?

A New Parents' Meeting for you - or you and your partner = £300.

A New Parents' Meeting for you and up to three friends/couples:

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