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We offer a range of services to suit all families. Whether you are relocating five children from overseas or whether your first child is as yet unborn we can help and support you in making the right choice for your children’s education. Below are our most popular services. However, we can help you in a great many more ways than these. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Introductory Consultation



Your consultant will help you understand the basics of UK education and enable you to home in on educational essentials. This is an ideal service if you have a particular – but limited – difficulty and want instant, sensible, highly experienced and commonsensical advice.

If you need help with compiling lists of possible schools, then you should consult our Classic School Search, Premier School Consultancy, Global Premier School Consultancy or our London School Service. Read more about the Introductory Consultation.

Information Meeting

Sometimes – particularly for families coming to live in London – a one-off Information Meeting with one of our London specialist consultants is all that is needed. The cost of a one-off Information Meeting lasting up to 90 minutes is £300. The consultant’s travel costs will be added if the meeting is outside London or involves travel of more than one hour/20 miles.  Read more about Information Meetings...

Sometimes – particularly for families coming to living in London – a one-off Information Meeting with one of our London specialist consultants is all that is needed. - See more at: https://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/advice-service/information-meeting#sthash.llcDIuWq.dpuf

Welcome Meeting

The Welcome Meeting is a face-to-face meeting with an expert education consultant. It is offered to clients who would like an introduction to the English education system in general. You explain what you are looking for and we explain how we can help. You can choose to upgrade to our of our senior services in which case your fee for the meeting is deducted. Read more about Welcome Meetings... 

New Parents' Meeting

In all the excitement of a new baby - both before and after the birth - new parents often start to think ahead about schooling and education. This is especially so in London with its unique pressures. Our New Parents’ Meeting – just for you or for you and your friends – gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about UK – and especially London – schools and education. Read more about New Parents' Meetings...

Classic School Search

£1,250. This includes an initial consultation (by telephone or in person) to establish exactly what is required, then schools (or educational) research, followed by eg advice on place availability, interviews or entrance exams, weighing up merits of comparable schools, post-visit discussion. Charges for consultations and advisory services involving more than mild SEN will be arranged on an individual basis. Read more about the Classic School Search

Premier School Consultancy

£2,500 plus expenses. For clients in a hurry or with more complex needs eg family relocation or several children who need different schools. This service can include research, accompanied school visits – or visits on behalf of clients – all liaison with schools etc. Read more about the Premier School Consultancy.

The London Service

£3,000. This service is for families either located elsewhere in Britain or overseas who need help specifically in finding schools in a residential area they like in our busy capital city. Good London schools are greatly over-subscribed. Our education consultants know the best schools and the best ways to optimise your child’s chance of a place at one of these. Read more about The London School Service.

Global Premier School Consultancy

From £5,000 plus expenses. An exclusive service for modern international families. The Global Premier provides a complete service for those families in search of top UK boarding or day education for their children and who need guidance on every aspect of UK education: – how to prepare, assessment, English language advice and support, travel, accommodation, home language advice, accompanying on school visits etc. Read more about the Global Premier School Consultancy.

Special Educational Needs

Our team includes experienced, expert, sympathetic and highly knowledgeable special needs consultants. Whether you are tearing your hair out over lack of progress in finding the right school for your child or whether you just need a sympathetic ear attached to a consultant who has been there and survived, give us a call. This service has its own price structure. Read more about our Special Needs Advice Service.

State School Service

In order to meet the needs of increasing numbers of enquirers who are interested in the state sector only, this service will advise and support parents who are committed to state sector education and who need help with eg admissions criteria, catchment areas, grammar schools etc. This service has its own price structure. Read more about The State School Service.

Troubleshooter Call

A new service in 2018. There can be a sudden need for expert advice. Our most experienced consultants are on hand to listen to the problem and to give you the best possible guidance and support. They may direct you to a specialist consultant in eg Special Educational Needs, family or social concerns or to expert legal advice. Read more about the Troubleshooter Call.

Scholarships and Bursaries Service

Individually priced. The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants now holds a unique central source of information on scholarships and bursaries. You may have a gifted child but limited finances. You may want a confidential discussion before going to individual schools to find out what they may be able to offer you. Read more about our Scholarships and Bursaries help.


We offer assessments in English, maths and in reasoning. Most schools assess these subjects when considering a child for a place. This is especially important for children coming from different countries with different educational systems. Read more about Assessments

University Advice

Choosing the right course at the perfect university is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make. Don’t leave it to chance; enlist the first-class, tailor-made help of University Advice Services from The Good Schools Guide. Read more about University Advice

Meet our consultant - University Advice: our Expert

The Director's Service

This service is exclusively for representatives or agents who wish to introduce clients to us or who wish us to provide backroom educational services to their clients. We offer a completely flexible arrangement to be negotiated with each representative to suit their own portfolio of clients. Please email the Director, Grace Moody-Stuart, consultants@goodschoolsguide.co.uk if you would like to discuss how we might work together. Read more about The Directors Service.

School Appeals

It is seldom worth employing an expensive legal representative to help you in these matters. All local authorities set out on their websites the admissions and appeals criteria. Please look carefully at these. If you still need advice and guidance we offer a 30 minute telephone consultation with a highly experienced school appeals expert. She will listen to your particular circumstances, suggest ways of approaching your appeal which will optimise your chances of success and give advice on dos and don’ts. She will be frank and realistic and tell you what your chances of success are. Read more about School Appeals

Please note we now have a specialist in Grammar School Appeals. Click here for more information: Grammar Appeals.

Talking to Parents

We love parents. We love talking to parents about schools, education and their children. Our Director and several of the consultants are happy to come and talk to a group of parents about any aspect of their children’s schooling. We can demystify the confusing and explain the incomprehensible and we love Q and A sessions. Read more about Talking to Parents

Data Service

A service for clients who just want statistics and data. This can sometimes suit families who are only interested in state schools in particular local authorities or who are in search of schools which excel in particular subjects. Tell us what you need and we will price each request individually. Read more about the Data Service.


We work with companies and organisations on a unique and individually negotiated basis. Tell us what you want for your clients and personnel and we will work with you to provide exactly what you need. Our huge team of expert consultants is at your disposal. Our fees are more than competitive and our approach is personal, family-based and focussed on each individual child – whether you are a multi-national or a niche City firm. Talk to us. Read more about our Corporate Services.

Remember that no other organisation has access to our unique fund of inside knowledge, data and experience.

NB WARNING Sadly, we are aware that other companies offer services comparable to ours but they trade by copying our reviews and passing them off as their own. Should you be considering using another company, please ask for a sample school review. If it is a copy of ours you may be sure that they are not a bona fide operation and they do not have our first-hand, inside knowledge of schools.

Contact us at: consultants@goodschoolsguide.co.uk or 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.

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