School appeals and applications under special circumstances

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It is seldom worth employing an expensive legal representative to help you in these matters. All local authorities set out on their websites the admissions and appeals criteria. Please look carefully at these to help you decide whether or not to consider an appeal.

If you still need advice and guidance, we offer a 30 minute telephone consultation with a highly experienced school appeals expert. She will listen to your particular circumstances, suggest ways of approaching your appeal which will optimise your chances of success and give advice on dos and don’ts. She will be frank and realistic and tell you what your chances of success are.

Grammar School Appeals

Please note we also have a specialist in Grammar School Appeals. Click here for more information: Grammar Appeals.


The fee for the telephone consultation will be £150. This covers:


We do not write appeal letters for you or attend hearings with you – these are better done yourself as the system is designed for parents to represent themselves. However,  we will guide you during your telephone consultation on:

We suggest you email us with brief details of your circumstances.

If we think your case is unlikely to succeed we will tell you so. Otherwise we will book a convenient time for you to talk to one of our specialist consultants.

Contact us at: or 0203 286 6824 to speak to our administrator.

Applications in special or exceptional circumstances

Our expert can also advise you if you are applying for a place for your child and you have exceptional or special circumstances that you wish the local authority to take into account. NB it is always a good idea to make your special circumstances known to the local authority when you first apply for a place. You are more likely to get the school place you want before your child is allocated a school than after – by which time your only option is to appeal.

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