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In order to meet the needs of increasing numbers of enquirers who are interested in the state sector only, The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants has a service with its own expert in state school education – Elizabeth Coatman. You can read about Elizabeth here. This service will advise and support parents who are committed to state sector education only.

What does the service consist of? 

All GSGEC services aim to be as flexible as possible to meet whatever educational needs parents and children have. In order to keep the fees as low as possible, the new State School Service offers parents a choice of one telephone consultation and three pre-agreed packages:

State School Advice Call

We offer two tiers of advice service telephone call with Elizabeth Coatman – our specialist state education expert.

45 minute call

This call could cover, eg:

60 minute call

This call could cover, eg:

NB Neither of these services can make recommendations of specific schools.

We suggest that when booking this call with our administrator, clients should outline their concerns so that we can advise whether a 45 or 60 minutes’ call would be most helpful and to ensure that Elizabeth can be well-prepared in advance for the consultation. The price recommended will take into consideration the amount of research required beforehand.


Having spoken to Elizabeth, clients may well want to upgrade to one of our State School Service packages – see below. Upgrading will mean you would not be charged separately for the introductory phone call, which would now be included in the package.

State School Service Packages

All packages to include if required:

We offer two versions of the State Schools Service:

A) Outside London and B) London

A) Outside London

Our packages start from £225 which covers up to 4 hours’ consultation / research and advice on state secondaries OR primaries in one area. Our packages then increase in price depending on the complexity of the request and the number of hours involved.  

B) London

London State School Service 

Our packages start at £300 which covers up to 4 hours’ consultation / research and advice on state secondaries OR primaries in one local authority. This price of the package will increase depending on the complexity of the request and number of hours involved.

Further assistance

In exceptional cases, if the geographical area clients are considering is exceptionally large or has an exceptionally high number of possible schools, which makes research considerably more time-consuming than is normal, clients will be advised that additional hours charged at £40 per hour may be necessary. This will always be estimated – and clients alerted – before any fee is charged.

In order to make the most efficient use of the time allowed for each of our packages, our administrator, Shari Lord, will run through a brief questionnaire with each client before connecting them with the consultant. If clients want school options in and out of London they will be charged at London rates.

The consultant for The SSS is Elizabeth Coatman – The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants expert on all matters to do with state education. Elizabeth is supported by the entire team of consultants, in particular, our experts on school appeals.

NB This service is not likely to be able to help with enquiries about children with Special Educational Needs unless they are very straightforward.

NB2 This service only deals with state education. No questions regarding the independent sector will be dealt with under this service.

Contact us at: or 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.

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