The Director's Service

Contact us 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 or

This service is exclusively for representatives or agents who wish to introduce clients from overseas to us. We offer a completely flexible arrangement to be negotiated with each representative to suit their own portfolio of clients.Please email the directors, Bernadette John and Grace Moody-Stuart, if you would like to discuss how we might work together.

We always offer complete confidentiality to all our clients. We also understand the importance of security and safety for many of our overseas clients. 


Frequently, we are approached by families or their representatives who want us to devise a consultancy package tailored specifically to their individual needs. We are always delighted to do this.

Our consultancy for these families can include everything we do as part of our Premier School Consultancy or Global Premier School Consultancy but is 100% flexible and can meet every additional need.

Every aspect of the service can be chosen by you or your representative and we will ensure the best qualified advisor - or team of advisors - will work with you at every stage.

The Director's Service will be charged on an individual basis.

Tier One - GSGEC Branded service

Agent introduces client to GSGEC.

Agent/client  pays us flat fee for the referral and we pay agreed commission back to agent. No further inter-action with agent.

Client gets full equivalent of Global Premier Service - starting fee £5,000 which comprises up to 4.5 days' work -  additional time at £500/day.

Additional fees are payable for eg :

Everything managed through GSGEC administration system. 



Tier Two - Agent's Branded Service

Agent contacts GSGEC with client's requirements.

We price the service according to client's requirements. This initial payment upfront. This payment to cover everything included in GSGEC Global Premier School Consultancy and subject to additional fees depending on requirements. Agent deals with client - GSGEC act as back room service - providing all information, answering all questions, attending meetings, accompanying clients, providing eg interpreters if required but all administration and everything commercial conducted by agents directly with client. GSGEC will bill agent for all additional services, time etc. GSGEC to act as educational consultants and GSGEC name not to be used by agent or passed to client. 


Academic Assessments

We also offer academic assessments to the clients of agents. Children who may be applying to academically selective schools in the UK can be assessed in English, maths and reasoning. Papers used are appropriate to the age and school level of each individual child and are marked by Susan Hamlyn, director, and a team of subject experts. A report is written on each child covering their performance in each paper and may contain recommendations for further study, revision, reading and, possibly, tutoring.

For external clients, we charge £120 per paper plus £250 to cover the report and administration.

This means that the fee for a typical  family of two children where:

child A is assessed in maths and English


child B is assessed in maths, English  and reasoning

would come to: £1100

Contact us at: or 0800 368 7694 (UK) or +44 203 286 6824 from overseas to speak to our administrator.

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