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Where do I find university data?

University entrance data is found on the relevant individual school pages but is only available to subscribers.


What does the university data show me? 

The university data for individual English secondary schools shows:

*Which university types (Oxbridge, Russell Group etc) schools send pupils to. Clicking on the chart shows the individual universities pupils go to and their popularity. 

*For any university see where pupils come from for any particular course.

*The courses pupils pursue at university.


What about the types of courses students take?

We show the categories of courses eg Sciences, Humanities, PPE, Languages, Arts etc (see below). 


Can I find how many students take courses such as medicine or physics?

Yes, the course graphs above are interactive. Click on any bar and it will reveal the types of courses within a category and the popularity. For example Science includes Medicine, Forensics, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences etc.

You can narrow by gender  and compare with national averages (the yellow bar represents the school, the green the national average).


Six of the best is available free. Do I get anything extra if I subscribe?

Best universities



Yes you get the opportunity to refine your search by school type by gender etc. And of course you get all the additional schools information and data found on individual school pages plus the opportunity to compare schools' performance via My Schools.



Six of the best is interactive.

As well as seeing the schools that send the most pupils to a given course at a selected university, you can scroll down to find schools of interest and click on the 'school name link' to view more information about that school. (General information is available free of charge but you have to be a subscriber to see the detailed information). 


How do I know if a school will offer the 'right type of qualifications' for my child to get to university?





Universities accept a range of qualifications, not just A-levels, IB and Pre-U. However not all subjects and qualifications are acceptable to all universities or even to all courses within any particular institution (always check with the university and the course - that you have the most up-to-date information). For English senior schools we show the qualifications that pupils have taken and the individual subject performance information.


Where can I find general information on universities?

Check out the Universities section information found within our Help & Advice section.

What about universities overseas?

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