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We examined the value-added from KS2 to GCSE for 2022 to see which are the best grammar schools (academically selective state schools) when it comes to value added. 'Value added' is a term used to describe how much a school helps children progress academically when compared with a national average. A note of caution - the more highly selective a grammar school, the harder it is for a school to add value - if it only accepts children who are already performing well at school, there is less room for them to progress relative to their cohort nationally.

The value added measure most commonly used is Progress 8. It measures the value a school has added to its year 11 group by comparing their achievements in selected GCSE subjects (with extra weight given to maths and English) with those that had been predicted from their KS2 (year 6) maths and English SATs results. 

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School name Town Gender Attainment 8 Progress 8
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls Altrincham GIRLS 85.0 1.06
Wilson's School Wallington BOYS 85.4 1.06
Newstead Wood School Orpington GIRLS 83.9 1.05
Dartford Grammar School for Girls Dartford GIRLS 78.3 1.02
Dr Challoner's High School Amersham GIRLS 81.1 1.02
Wirral Grammar School for Girls Wirral GIRLS 75.7 1.00
The Henrietta Barnett School London GIRLS 88.1 0.98
Woodford County High School Woodford Green GIRLS 82.0 0.98
Beaconsfield High School Beaconsfield GIRLS 79.4 0.97
Highworth Grammar School Ashford GIRLS 73.8 0.96
St Olave's Grammar School Orpington BOYS 84.0 0.95
Kendrick School Reading GIRLS 86.6 0.94
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet Barnet BOYS 86.2 0.94
Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-upon-Avon GIRLS 84.6 0.93
Colchester County High School for Girls Colchester GIRLS 83.2 0.92
Dartford Grammar School Dartford BOYS 79.6 0.92
Ripon Grammar School Ripon MIXED 74.2 0.92
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School Rochester BOYS 70.5 0.92
The Tiffin Girls' School Kingston upon Thames GIRLS 85.2 0.92
Chelmsford County High School for Girls Chelmsford GIRLS 85.1 0.91
Upton Hall School FCJ Wirral GIRLS 68.3 0.91
Wallington High School for Girls Wallington GIRLS 82.8 0.91
Langley Grammar School Langley MIXED 81.7 0.90
Nonsuch High School for Girls Sutton GIRLS 81.2 0.90
Colyton Grammar School Colyton MIXED 82.8 0.88
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School Tunbridge Wells GIRLS 75.5 0.88
Wycombe High School High Wycombe GIRLS 79.3 0.88
Sir Thomas Rich's School Gloucester BOYS 80.0 0.87
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Birmingham BOYS 84.1 0.86
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford Chelmsford MIXED 84.0 0.83
The King's School, Grantham Grantham BOYS 72.3 0.83
Weald of Kent Grammar School Tonbridge GIRLS 73.3 0.82
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy Westcliff-on-Sea BOYS 79.7 0.82
Devonport High School for Girls Plymouth GIRLS 77.8 0.81
Loreto Grammar School Altrincham GIRLS 76.3 0.79
Royal Latin School Buckingham MIXED 78.7 0.79
Newport Girls' High School Newport GIRLS 80.6 0.78
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School London GIRLS 80.9 0.78
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls Sutton Coldfield GIRLS 80.1 0.78
Bourne Grammar School Bourne MIXED 71.7 0.77
King Edward VI School (Stratford-upon-Avon) Stratford-upon-Avon BOYS 82.5 0.77
Pate's Grammar School Cheltenham MIXED 83.9 0.77
Queen Mary's Grammar School Walsall BOYS 77.8 0.77
Stretford Grammar School Manchester MIXED 76.7 0.77
King Edward VI Five Ways School Birmingham MIXED 80.2 0.76
The Rochester Grammar School Rochester GIRLS 72.7 0.76
Dr Challoner's Grammar School Amersham BOYS 77.8 0.75
Southend High School for Boys Southend-on-Sea BOYS 77.9 0.75
Chesham Grammar School Chesham MIXED 77.8 0.74
Herschel Grammar School Slough MIXED 77.9 0.74
Ilford County High School Ilford BOYS 78.6 0.74
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls Birmingham GIRLS 83.6 0.74
Saint Ambrose College Altrincham BOYS 72.7 0.74
The Blue Coat School Liverpool MIXED 79.5 0.74
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe High Wycombe BOYS 76.4 0.74
Aylesbury Grammar School Aylesbury BOYS 77.6 0.73
Heckmondwike Grammar School Heckmondwike MIXED 78.4 0.73
Sutton Grammar School Sutton BOYS 81.4 0.73
Wolverhampton Girls' High School Wolverhampton GIRLS 79.2 0.73
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School Lancaster GIRLS 77.0 0.72
Queen Mary's High School Walsall GIRLS 76.5 0.72
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls Dartford GIRLS 71.2 0.72
Oakwood Park Grammar School Maidstone BOYS 68.4 0.71
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School Grantham GIRLS 70.0 0.70
Westcliff High School for Girls Westcliff-on-Sea GIRLS 79.4 0.70
Burnham Grammar School Slough MIXED 74.6 0.69
John Hampden Grammar School High Wycombe BOYS 75.4 0.69
Aylesbury High School Aylesbury GIRLS 77.1 0.68
Stroud High School Stroud GIRLS 74.4 0.68
The Latymer School London MIXED 83.6 0.68
Sale Grammar School Sale MIXED 77.9 0.67
Colchester Royal Grammar School Colchester BOYS 80.4 0.66
Southend High School for Girls Southend-on-Sea GIRLS 76.3 0.65
Bexley Grammar School Welling MIXED 76.9 0.64
Ermysted's Grammar School Skipton BOYS 73.7 0.64
Reading School Reading BOYS 82.3 0.64
Caistor Grammar School Market Rasen MIXED 74.4 0.61
Lawrence Sheriff School Rugby BOYS 77.2 0.61
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School Slough MIXED 76.8 0.61
Tonbridge Grammar School Tonbridge GIRLS 81.8 0.61
Townley Grammar School Bexleyheath GIRLS 76.6 0.61
Denmark Road High School Gloucester GIRLS 76.0 0.60
Rugby High School Rugby GIRLS 78.0 0.60
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School Salisbury BOYS 76.0 0.59
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls Salisbury GIRLS 77.4 0.59
Spalding High School Spalding GIRLS 67.6 0.59
Fort Pitt Grammar School Chatham GIRLS 66.8 0.58
The Crypt School Gloucester MIXED 71.3 0.58
Beths Grammar School Bexley BOYS 75.3 0.57
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School Sutton Coldfield BOYS 76.7 0.57
King Edward VI Handsworth School Birmingham GIRLS 77.9 0.56
Chatham Grammar School for Girls Chatham GIRLS 64.3 0.55
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School Marlow MIXED 77.3 0.55
Urmston Grammar Academy Manchester MIXED 74.7 0.55
Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancaster MIXED 72.4 0.54
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Clitheroe MIXED 74.8 0.51
The Harvey Grammar School Folkestone BOYS 66.2 0.51
Upton Court Grammar School Slough MIXED 74.9 0.51
Skipton Girls' High School Skipton GIRLS 70.3 0.50
Bournemouth School for Girls Bournemouth GIRLS 74.2 0.49
West Kirby Grammar School Wirral GIRLS 71.6 0.49
King Edward VI Aston School Birmingham BOYS 75.0 0.48
Barton Court Grammar School Canterbury MIXED 67.2 0.47
Churston Ferrers Grammar School Brixham MIXED 71.8 0.47
Tiffin School Kingston upon Thames BOYS 79.6 0.47
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Maidstone GIRLS 69.2 0.46
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle Horncastle MIXED 69.3 0.45
Ribston Hall High School Gloucester GIRLS 69.5 0.45
Alcester Grammar School Alcester MIXED 76.2 0.44
Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy Sleaford GIRLS 68.6 0.44
Wallington County Grammar School Wallington BOYS 74.1 0.43
Invicta Grammar School Maidstone GIRLS 68.6 0.42
Rainham Mark Grammar School Gillingham MIXED 67.3 0.42
Skegness Grammar School Skegness MIXED 61.2 0.42
Torquay Boys' Grammar School Torquay BOYS 70.7 0.42
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School Sidcup MIXED 75.0 0.41
Marling School Stroud BOYS 71.8 0.40
Torquay Girls' Grammar School Torquay GIRLS 71.8 0.40
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys Dartford BOYS 67.9 0.40
Haberdashers' Adams Newport BOYS 76.2 0.39
The Judd School Tonbridge BOYS 75.8 0.39
Bournemouth School Bournemouth BOYS 72.3 0.38
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys Birmingham BOYS 70.4 0.37
Parkstone Grammar School Poole GIRLS 71.3 0.37
Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School Canterbury GIRLS 67.7 0.37
Wirral Grammar School for Boys Wirral BOYS 69.6 0.37
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (Penrith) Penrith MIXED 68.3 0.35
The Folkestone School for Girls Folkestone GIRLS 65.7 0.35
Gravesend Grammar School Gravesend BOYS 67.5 0.34
Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend Gravesend GIRLS 66.7 0.31
Holcombe Grammar School Chatham BOYS 62.6 0.30
The Norton Knatchbull School Ashford BOYS 67.1 0.30
The Crossley Heath School Halifax MIXED 72.1 0.29
Calday Grange Grammar School Wirral BOYS 68.8 0.28
Spalding Grammar School Spalding BOYS 63.6 0.28
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Aylesbury MIXED 72.6 0.27
Plymouth High School for Girls Plymouth GIRLS 69.4 0.26
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys Canterbury BOYS 71.1 0.26
Dane Court Grammar School Broadstairs MIXED 67.2 0.25
Poole Grammar School Poole BOYS 72.1 0.25
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School Rossendale MIXED 71.9 0.24
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Altrincham BOYS 75.7 0.23
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys Tunbridge Wells BOYS 64.8 0.23
Maidstone Grammar School Maidstone BOYS 66.7 0.20
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough Gainsborough MIXED 67.0 0.19
King Edward VI Grammar School Louth MIXED 65.4 0.18
Dover Grammar School for Girls Dover GIRLS 60.1 0.17
St Anselm's College Prenton BOYS 61.0 0.16
Devonport High School for Boys Plymouth BOYS 70.5 0.15
Highsted Grammar School Sittingbourne GIRLS 64.7 0.11
The North Halifax Grammar School Halifax MIXED 69.9 0.08
Sir Roger Manwood's School Sandwich MIXED 67.0 0.06
Borden Grammar School Sittingbourne BOYS 63.9 0.04
The Skinners' School Tunbridge Wells BOYS 72.4 0.02
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Alford MIXED 59.4 0.01
Cranbrook School Cranbrook MIXED 71.1 0.00
Dover Grammar School for Boys Dover BOYS 57.5 0.00
Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Ramsgate MIXED 62.7 -0.05
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Ashbourne MIXED 52.8 -0.06
The Boston Grammar School Boston BOYS 57.0 -0.07
Boston High School Boston GIRLS 57.6 -0.10
Carre's Grammar School Sleaford MIXED 59.8 -0.14
St Joseph's College London BOYS 45.2 -0.20

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