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We examined the value-added from KS2 to GCSE for 2015 to see which state selective grammar schools added the most value to their offspring.

A note of caution - the more highly selective a grammar school, the less scope there will be to add value.

Grammar School Value Added Table

Value added is a measure of how each pupil scores at GCSE compared to the average score at GCSE for pupils with the same grade at Key Stage 2 - the end of primary school. A score of 1000 indicates an average performance. The value added score for a school is the average of their pupils' scores.

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School Name Town KS2-GCSE Value Added Value Added Rank

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Sutton 1053.3 1
The Henrietta Barnett School London 1051.7 2
The Judd School Tonbridge 1051.2 3
Wycombe High School High Wycombe 1051 4
The Tiffin Girls' School Kingston upon Thames 1050.9 5
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet Barnet 1049.4 6
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School Tunbridge Wells 1048.3 7
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy Westcliff-on-Sea 1047.3 8
Woodford County High School Woodford Green 1047.2 9
Wallington County Grammar School Wallington 1047 10
Reading School Reading 1046.6 11
The Skinners' School Tunbridge Wells 1045.4 12
Sir Thomas Rich's School Gloucester 1045.2 13
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School London 1044.9 14
King Edward VI Handsworth School Birmingham 1044.8 15
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls Altrincham 1044.6 16
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls Birmingham 1044.5 17
Tiffin School Kingston upon Thames 1043.6 18
Newport Girls' High School Newport 1043.5 19
Kendrick School Reading 1043.3 20
Wallington High School for Girls Wallington 1042.9 21
Colchester Royal Grammar School Colchester 1042.2 22
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School Lancaster 1042 23
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School Marlow 1041.8 24
St Olave's Grammar School Orpington 1041.3 25
Upton Hall School FCJ Wirral 1041.1 26
The Blue Coat School Liverpool 1040.6 27
Colchester County High School for Girls Colchester 1040.2 28
Pate's Grammar School Cheltenham 1039.8 29
Wilson's School Wallington 1039.6 30
Parkstone Grammar School Poole 1039 31
Lawrence Sheriff School Rugby 1038.9 32
Chelmsford County High School for Girls Chelmsford 1038.6 33
Stroud High School Stroud 1038.4 34
Newstead Wood School Orpington 1038.3 35
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls Salisbury 1038 36
Beaconsfield High School Beaconsfield 1037.6 37
Aylesbury High School Aylesbury 1036.9 38
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls Sutton Coldfield 1036.4 39
Queen Mary's Grammar School Walsall 1036.2 40
Westcliff High School for Girls Westcliff-on-Sea 1036.1 41
The Rochester Grammar School Rochester 1036.1 42
Invicta Grammar School Maidstone 1035.7 43
High School for Girls Gloucester 1035.7 44
Aylesbury Grammar School Aylesbury 1035.6 45
The Latymer School London 1035.5 46
Chesham Grammar School Chesham 1035.1 47
Ilford County High School Ilford 1034.9 48
Wolverhampton Girls' High School Wolverhampton 1034.9 49
Ripon Grammar School Ripon 1034.9 50
Dartford Grammar School Dartford 1034.8 51
Weald of Kent Grammar School Tonbridge 1034.5 52
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls Dartford 1034.1 53
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School Grantham 1033.9 54
Wirral Grammar School for Girls Wirral 1033.1 55
Sutton Grammar School Sutton 1032.5 56
Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-upon-Avon 1032.4 57
Colyton Grammar School Colyton 1031.4 58
King Edward VI School (Stratford-upon-Avon) Stratford-upon-Avon 1031 59
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Altrincham 1030.6 60
The Folkestone School for Girls Folkestone 1030.6 61
Langley Grammar School Langley 1030.4 62
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School Rochester 1030.3 63
Dr Challoner's High School Amersham 1030 64
Highworth Grammar School Ashford 1030 65
Southend High School for Girls Southend-on-Sea 1029.9 66
Burnham Grammar School Slough 1029.8 67
Adams' Grammar School Newport 1029.4 68
Loreto Grammar School Altrincham 1028.7 69
Upton Court Grammar School Slough 1028.6 70
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School Salisbury 1028.4 71
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe High Wycombe 1027.8 72
Dartford Grammar School for Girls Dartford 1027.8 73
The Crypt School Gloucester 1027.8 74
Caistor Grammar School Market Rasen 1027.1 75
The Crossley Heath School Halifax 1026.8 76
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys Tunbridge Wells 1026.7 77
Bourne Grammar School Bourne 1026.7 78
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford Chelmsford 1026.5 79
Kesteven and Sleaford High School Sleaford 1026.4 80
Wirral Grammar School for Boys Wirral 1025.9 81
Royal Latin School Buckingham 1025.9 82
Torquay Girls' Grammar School Torquay 1025.7 83
King Edward VI Five Ways School Birmingham 1025 84
The King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth Louth 1024.9 85
Bexley Grammar School Welling 1024.8 86
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Maidstone 1024.6 87
Heckmondwike Grammar School Heckmondwike 1024.4 88
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School Sutton Coldfield 1024.1 89
St Ambrose College Altrincham 1024 90
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Aylesbury 1023.6 91
Chatham Grammar School for Boys Chatham 1023.6 92
Rainham Mark Grammar School Gillingham 1023.6 93
Torquay Boys' Grammar School Torquay 1023.1 94
Devonport High School for Girls Plymouth 1022.5 95
Herschel Grammar School Slough 1022.3 96
Southend High School for Boys Southend-on-Sea 1022.1 97
Rugby High School Rugby 1021.4 98
Bournemouth School for Girls Bournemouth 1021.3 99
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Clitheroe 1021.2 100
Handsworth Grammar School Birmingham 1020.7 101
Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School Rossendale 1020.7 102
Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancaster 1020.2 103
Skipton Girls' High School Skipton 1020.1 104
Ermysted's Grammar School Skipton 1020 105
John Hampden Grammar School High Wycombe 1019.1 106
Dover Grammar School for Girls Dover 1018.8 107
St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School Slough 1018.6 108
Ribston Hall High School Gloucester 1018.6 109
The North Halifax Grammar School Halifax 1018.4 110
The King's School, Grantham Grantham 1017.9 111
Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School Canterbury 1017.5 112
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar, Alford Alford 1017.4 113
Spalding Grammar School Spalding 1017.1 114
West Kirby Grammar School Wirral 1016.7 115
Sale Grammar School Sale 1016.7 116
Bournemouth School Bournemouth 1016.5 117
Calday Grange Grammar School Wirral 1016.4 118
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School Sidcup 1015.4 120
Stretford Grammar School Manchester 1015.2 121
Spalding High School Spalding 1015.1 122
Marling School Stroud 1014.5 123
St Joseph's College Stoke-on-Trent 1014.3 124
Alcester Grammar School Alcester 1014.3 125
Carre's Grammar School Sleaford 1014.1 126
Queen Mary's High School Walsall 1014 127
Churston Ferrers Grammar School Brixham 1013.9 128
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys Canterbury 1013.5 129
Boston High School Boston 1013.5 130
The Harvey Grammar School Folkestone 1013.2 131
Barton Court Grammar School Canterbury 1013 132
Borden Grammar School Sittingbourne 1012.9 133
St Anselm's College Prenton 1012.5 134
Dover Grammar School for Boys Dover 1012.3 135
Fort Pitt Grammar School Chatham 1012.3 136
Gravesend Grammar School Gravesend 1011.6 137
Sir Roger Manwood's School Sandwich 1011.1 138
Urmston Grammar Academy Manchester 1010.3 139
Highsted Grammar School Sittingbourne 1009.8 140
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Faversham 1008.3 141
Dane Court Grammar School Broadstairs 1008.2 142
Poole Grammar School Poole 1007.5 143
The Norton Knatchbull School Ashford 1007.5 144
Oakwood Park Grammar School Maidstone 1006.5 145
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle Horncastle 1006.4 146
King Edward VI Aston School Birmingham 1005.6 147
Maidstone Grammar School Maidstone 1004.8 148
Beths Grammar School Bexley 1004 149
Plymouth High School for Girls Plymouth 1002.8 150
Devonport High School for Boys Plymouth 1002.5 151
The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough Gainsborough 1001.1 152
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys Dartford 1000.4 153
Chatham Grammar School for Girls Chatham 1000.3 154
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys Birmingham 999.7 155
The Skegness Grammar School Skegness 999.4 156
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (Penrith) Penrith 995.6 157
Mayfield Grammar School Gravesend 994.5 158
The Boston Grammar School Boston 993.8 159
Dr Challoner's Grammar School Amersham 992.4 160
Townley Grammar School Bexleyheath 981.6 161
Tonbridge Grammar School Tonbridge 956.9 162


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