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Rocket-science. Those of us ancient enough to have been British and conscious in 1983 will remember one of their products all too well: the Exocet missile. With the future set for missile vs drone wars, MDBA looks an exciting place to be. This is a general business apprenticeship. The extent of financial support offered, the nature of the degree and the status of the subsequent employment are not made obvious.



Degree offered

Higher Business Apprenticeship (Sponsored Degree)


University of Hertfordshire




4 years

Entry requirements

300 UCAS points – BTEC or A-level

Application process

Online + evaluation – online test – assessment

Working hours

37 per week

Training house

3.5 days

Study hours

1.5 days

Starting salary

£14,000 plus benefits

Permanent offer


Early exit penalties

Yes (but might be subject to change)

GCG view

A pro-European website (lots of flags), unsurprisingly perhaps from a missile manufacturer and we were given comprehensive answers to our questions. Judging by the information they hand out on apprenticeships, they do a thorough job which should make us all sleep more soundly.



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    The aeroplane builder: top flight engineering with an emphasis on everything being done perfectly (for which we have often been thankful) and therefore on hands-on skills - graduate recruits get sent to the local FE college for a year before they are allowed near the factory floor. A good employer by all accounts.

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    Accenture is a top-line business consulting company; this apprenticeship is in their IT consulting division, and the embedded degree is a solidly technical one. You will very rapidly be part of building real IT applications; expect to be living out of a suitcase near whichever client you are working for. If you have ambitions to move into their mainstream consulting business, make sure that you understand what this takes: their recruitment into this area is very Oxbridgey, and we are not clear how an IT apprentice could come up-to-status.


    "Design and consultancy for natural and built assets", they say: a top-end global construction company based in Holland but with strong UK roots. This is an apprenticeship that leads to becoming a Chartered Building Surveyor - the top professional qualification with MRICS after your name, and a core role in a business like Arcadis. Long term prospects: the UK CEO is a FRICS; say no more.


    Defence of the Realm. The armed forces take training seriously: you will find yourself taking courses with great regularity. A positive, enormously supportive environment which will push you as far as you can go, and build management skills into everything you learn. Start anywhere and end up with a degree. Forces life is a thing apart - quite strange if you have not encountered it among your relatives, but something that most of us can get used to (as our forebears did): instant obedience and initiative combined, and a very strong community.

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