b'LONDON AND SOUTH EASTwhen theres an inux from EuropeparticularlyThe last word: It may have played a long game Italiansfor the IB. (nearly 50 years in fact), but Charterhouse is about to make the very best kind of fashionably Money matters: Offers a limited number of means- late entrance into the world of co-ed boarding. tested bursaries, up to 100 per cent of fees in yearThe school we saw was eager for change, dynamic 9 and year 12 with the preference given to thoseand crackling with expertise, energy, optimism who gain scholarships. Two year 9 bursaries areand unashamed ambition. Dr Peterken has said awarded every year on the basis of academic per- that he wants Charterhouse to be the best co-formance in year 6. Scholarships and exhibitionseducational boarding school in the country; from of various kinds are awarded solely on meritthewhat we saw the future looks very bright indeed.recognition is greater than the money involved.Christs Hospital HN16Horsham, West Sussex RH13 0LJ01403 211293|[email protected]|www.christs-hospital.org.ukAges: 11-18 Pupils: 900; sixth form: 250; Boarders: 840 fullFees: Day 18,900- 23,790; Boarding 36,600 paHeadmaster: Since 2017, Simon Reid, a SouthEntrance: Most join in year 7, when there are African who read English at the University ofsome 780 applicants for 110 places. A raw abil-Witwatersrand. Married to Michele, who isity test whittles this down to around 300, who French, with two grown-up children. Previouslythen come in to sit tests in English and maths, head of Gordonstoun; before that, an Englishand have a one-to-one interview. Around 25 join teacher and housemaster here. The unique ter- in year 9, and 25 in sixth form. They are looking ritory of disadvantage brought him back: CH is afor above average ability, aiming for a balance of school attended variously by those who pay full,abilities, characters and level of support needed, part or no fees, enabled by the 1552 foundation. but always tting the formula which allows CH Pupils like Mr Reid; for many in this bigto function: the right number of full bursaries, school he is viewed from some distance, but hepart bursaries and full fees, with 10 per cent from talks to everyone in the queue at lunchtime, andoverseas.gained enormous respect from pupils by admit-ting when he made a mistake in excluding twoExit: One parent chose CH as the best prepara-pupils, and changing his decision. tion for life and working life and gaining nancial He still teaches English: There can be a riotindependence. Careers are discussed from year 7, in my class, but Ill be in control (no doubt hestretching minds forward to consider life, while will); dry and witty, rm and fair, reected athose at prep schools are getting their heads former pupil. Runs a very tight ship; older pupilsdown for CE. Careers talks take place every week; baulk sometimes, but Mr Reid makes no apolo- even reluctant pupils are nudged to attend. Up to gies: We hold them carefully, tightlybut with20 per cent leave after GCSE.some sensitivity. A recent focus on careers and university means The head has a clear direction for CH: topupils consider not just course but cost of living, challenge pupils, then, in turn, ask them to chal- societies and student satisfaction. This informed lenge, and take this spirit forward to contributedecision-making has resulted in a greater breadth to society. of destinations and subjects. Manchester, Kings Parents are impressed by his level of involve- College London, Exeter, Bristol, Loughborough, ment: Hes at everything we go to. This guy isWarwick and UCL all recently popular, with stu-part of the school; was lled with joy that hedents studying subjects ranging from law to yacht taught here before he gets it; he is interesteddesign. Six to Oxbridge and three medics in 2021.in feedback really keen to listen and improve.615'