b'LONDON AND SOUTH EAST(though we saw plenty of it, awaiting the repri- to inappropriately at a choir festival by men from mand we were condent would follow). No hoopanother choir, reported the incident, which was earrings. Pupils must not be seen holding phonesdealt with immediately. They regularly update in uniform, though its allowed once they haveus. Systems are good. Children are aware of their changed into civvies in the evening. Some disor- rights. They are doing the best they can do, said der allowed: sixth formers zip around on bikes,a parent earnestly.left in disarray outside buildings, one dumpedTwo pupils have been excluded in the last year, hastily in a owerbed. for disciplinary and drugs offences. Pupils who Departing pupils are read the charge: a graveare old enough to visit Horsham might indulge request to consider the benets received and givein crafty drinks and drugs on Saturdays, but the back where possible. These words are recalled byschool will breathalyse or produce the sniffer many old blues, one saying, The ne words of thedogs if they suspect anything. The tightness of charge have been constantly in my mind ever sincecontrol in this area is not always appreciated by they were addressed to me in July 1949. My educa- pupils: pub pass has been removed, to the disgust tion at CH shaped my future life in every way. of upper sixth, who speak with slightly curling lip of the two drinks allowed on Saturday nights with Pastoral care, inclusivity and discipline: Eleven ishalf an hour in between, and feel their views on young to start boarding school; not if theyve notthis are not heard. Parents are happy with this done camps or sleepovers, suggested a parent, butcontainmentnot saying no, but allowing a bit the school are experts at it I dont think they and the head says pupils need to be held, even take those who wouldnt cope. A discovery pro- as 17/18-year-olds. [Theyve] got their whole lives gramme for new year 7s includes essential skillsto make use of drugs, said the head. [We] want such as campus orientation, friendship and foodthem to be able to make a half sensible decision.nutrition, moving on to sex and relationships, and wider world skills such as road safety and manag- Pupils and parents: From every walk of life, but ing money, later in the year. Very good at helpingfew are helicopter parents. One said, We realise with puberty, said parent appreciatively. as parents the need to step back and let school do as they do.Money matters: Full fees are the usual eye-watering A huge green quad; Keep off theindependent boarding school levels, but only 17 grass (although pupils recentlyper cent of boarding pupils will pay them; the rest are subsidised, fully or partly, and this doesnt just camped on it for charity). Pupilscover fees, but also travel costs, sports kit, music march in to lunch military stylelessons, pocket money, house funds and school trips. Uniform is free to all.accompanied by the excellent band Each bursary case is means-assessed on its own merits, considering earnings, commitments Bullying is taken seriously, and dealt withand outgoings, capital saving and investments. at deputy head level, with a restorative justiceThis school keeps its founding purposes in mind: approach which aims to protect the victim andwhen it can possibly help, it does, and has found help the perpetrator who often, too, has beenlast-minute places for those in extreme need on bullied. A parent whose son was being picked onfull bursaries.said it was dealt with very quickly, and did notA range of scholarships of up to 20 per cent recur; another that there was some unpleasant- of fees.ness in early years, [but they] were on it spokeThe last word: Pupils here say, You need to to both, brought together, was sorted in days.get on well with other people, be determined and Communication amazing. willing to work hard. It is the getting on with CH works hard to reassure parents that theothers that is most important. As a parent said, school is a completely different place to one lam- it is for those who welcome difference, not for basted in the press for past abuse: the rules arethose who want the security of wanting some-detailed and thorough, from the phone and list ofthing like themselves.child support numbers in each boarding house, toNot, said the head bluntly, for those who a houseparent team and matronall easy to con- need to step on others to succeed, or need to estab-tact, said a parent, very good and knowledgablelish themselves above others in society, for atand three full-time counsellors. Staff receive reg- this school, as former pupil T S Surr said, no rich ular training; pupils too, in weekly PHSE lessonsdunce can rise on bags of gold (Christs Hospital, and assemblies. There seems to be a condentlya poem, 1797).open culture; a parent said her daughter, spoken 618'