b'EAST OF ENGLANDCulford School HN13Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6TX01284 385308|[email protected]|www.culford.co.ukAges: 3-18 Pupils: 800; sixth form: 139; Boarders: 215 full, 18 flexi (from age 7)Fees: Day 9,46520,685 ; Boarding 32,28034,470 paHeadmaster: Since 2004, Julian Johnson-MundayPrep by entrance exam, entry to senior school (50s). MA in English at Leicester followed by MBAautomatic from prep, entrance exam if external at Durham. Toyed with joining the advertisingstudent. Sixth form requires seven GCSEs includ-industry but ended up at Cranleigh, where heing maths and English, grades 5+. Flexibility is became hooked on teaching. Rose through thekey. Unusual for a sibling to be turned away ranks to be a housemaster, the best job in theif they dont make the grade; we are a family world, headed to London (Mill Hill) but decided aschool. Largeish intake at year 7, mainly from the small rural boarding school where I knew all thestate, and larger again in year 9 from local prep children was for him. Very settled at Culford andschools, including the Cambridge contingent.well liked by parents and pupils. Accompanied everywhere by his two dogs, they slow the chil- Exit: Very, very unusual to have a pupil not make dren down, who are greeted with enthusiasm bythe grade for transfer to senior school. The odd pupils, parents and staff.He has a lovely wayone leaves to board elsewhere, usually following about him, said one parent. Very paternalisticfamily tradition. About 30-40 per cent leaves after and knows the children.year 11, most to vocational courses or, again, to You can tell he did English: slightly dramatic,board elsewhere. Entry to sixth form denied if very witty, warm, possibly a bit of a luvvie, whoattitude doesnt t. Most go to university, the odd we imagine enjoys his time on the stage as head,one into Forces or family business. Arts and dance but in the nicest way, with a self-deprecating sensecourses quite popular. Interestingly, apprentice-of humour. Smartly turned out. Runs the schoolships not on the horizon. Some gap years. Odd with great efficiency and warmth. Hes com- few medics, and a few overseas some years.pletely aware of what is going on, but is happy to let his very efcient management team cope withLatest results: In 2021, 56 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; the day-to-day minutiae, was one parents view.48 per cent A*/A at A level (77 per cent A*-B). In Pragmatic and takes difcult decisions at times,2019 (the last year when exams took place), 44 but deals with them with great empathy, fromper cent 9-7 at GCSE; 26 per cent A*/A at A level another. Keeps in close contact with parents via(53 per cent A*-B).email and social media. Very much on the ball, was said more than once. All fourth form (theyTeaching and learning: Good results for a school use the old fashioned descriptions of year groupsthat does not claim to be highly academic. here) pupils have tea with the head, and his dogs,Spanish, French and Latin available at GCSE and who enjoy hoovering up crumbs.A level, and taught in prep as well. Latin for the top set only in prep. All senior school pupils do Prep school head: Since 2008, Mike Schoeld (50s).one language, not many do two and unusual for Studied history and sport at Bedford College; hasall three to be taken. Maths is most popular sub-been at Culford for 19 years, arriving as a house- ject at A level. Children set from year 5, gifted and master from the state system. Still coaching localtalented spotted early and nurtured. No parent rugby teams and referees matches at Culford.could fault academic progress and all spoke of Chatty and likable, knows all children well, againbeing kept well informed of progress and prob-very paternalistic. Watching them perform onlems. Extra help available if needed, and problems stage, its like being a parent 22 times over. quickly spotted. IT well embraced. Old fashioned IT rooms have disappeared, its all about laptops Entrance: Entry into nursery via taster sessions,here, note the trolleys in the corner of classrooms pre-prep by days assessment and taster session.loaded with laptops. Pupils encouraged to try all subjects, including art and DT, which proves 886'