b'EAST OF ENGLANDof three nights a week or full boarding. Parentsgrounds, just shy of 500 acres. Entering through appreciate that there is always a bed available ifimpressive gates you drive through the estate past necessary. a very pretty church, used by the school and veryFounded on strong Methodist beliefs There are two houses for boys and two forpopular for marriages of alumni, before roundingin 1881, the school is strong on girls. Co-ed house for prep school. All houses mixa corner to a 16th century magnicent mansion day and boarding pupils so strong friendshipshouse, previously owned by the Cadogan family.moral values and there is much talk develop throughout. Extended day option avail- The new buildings ow well and blend in, withabout the Culford Wayable: pupils stay until 7pm, popular with manyplenty of space around them. The prep school is parents. in the old stable block, built around a quad with Newly refurbished prep boarding has eight inthe library in the middle. The nursery is housed a dorm, four bunk beds, with years 7 and 8 mixedin a separate building, cleverly located nearest together. Very neat with pupils bringing theirthe main gates so parents coming and going own duvets. We change our sheets weekly andarent noticed. Parents, staff and locals seen walk-sort our washing out, we were told. Pupils dormsing their dogs in the grounds, which are so large checked daily by prefects. We stand by our bedsthat pupils are easily absorbed, as are the large and are dismissed only when our space is tidy.sports pitches and buildings. The Culford bubble Phones taken away every night. Lots of outingsthat parents and staff talk about is suddenly and trips for boarders: roller skating, cinema etc,apparent. Easy to forget there is an outside world and they have the run of the grounds as well,whilst cocooned in this cornucopia of beauty. though younger pupils have to stay within certainSchool well aware of this, as are pupils, who areas. Supervised prep for all boarders. appreciate how lucky they are.Founded on strong Methodist beliefs in 1881, the school is strong on moral values and there is much talk about the Culford Way. It is Pupils are smart with the seniora relatively small school so a family atmosphere girls in long, extremely long, skirts.prevails; pupils and staff are friendly, jolly and welcoming.Everyone seems to know everyone. They are brilliant, said one of ourThe school knows not just their pupils but the guides; we can wear our pyjamasfamilies as well. Pupils are smart with the senior girls in long, extremely long, skirts. They are bril-or tracksuit bottoms underneath liant, said one of our guides; we can wear our pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms underneath when Senior boarding houses not quite as tidy, aits cold and no one knows! Pupils encouraged to bit shabby, but homely. The tidiness instilledjoin in and try everything. Be the best person you in younger years seems to slip a little, but teen- can be each day, is the prep heads mantra and agers will be teenagers. Years 9-13 in together,it seems to work its way through both schools.with upper sixth having their own rooms. Most younger pupils share, and there is one dormitoryPastoral care, inclusivity and discipline: Every of 16 for the year 9s which is very popular. Plentyparent we spoke to praised pastoral care. To be of facilities for tea and toast making, and comfyhonest they raved about it. They pick up on common rooms. Sixth form exi boarding veryproblemseven at homeso quickly and are popular as Paddy and Scotts Caf opens on Fridayincredibly proactive, said one parent. All spoke night for sixth formers. Pizza and snacks servedabout the paternal atmosphere and the sense here, very popular for socialising. Some sixthof security the pupils, and parents, feel. House form boarders have their own cars.School fairlystaff praised, and their dogs. Mental health prob-relaxed about toing and froing; they sign in andlems quickly picked up on. School has focused on out using an app. Very much a family atmospheremental health for many years, long before it was with houseparents having dogs, pupils keen toagged up, says the head. Counsellors are well walk themit covers their DofE service module.used, a good release valve. Half of all staff are Mention must go to the resident parrot as well.mental health rst aiders, plans for every single Boarders encouraged to have day pupils to stay.member of staff to be trained.Plenty of trips, which day pupils can also join;Drugs have reared their ugly head in recent Alton Towers particularly popular, London shop- years and this is where the head comes into his ping and buses run regularly to Bury St Edmunds,own. Deals with problems empathetically, fairly making excursions to local town popular andbut rmly, was said by parents. Pupils and parents encouraged. are kept well informed, nothing is swept under the carpet. Some miscreants leave, others given Ethos and heritage: Located not far from Bury Sta second chance but have to agree to random Edmunds, the school is situated in beautifuldrug tests. The head has had to have some fairly 888'