b'MIDLANDS AND WALESmaths and science. He also says the presence ofparents refer merely to a taster day. Seamless boys beyond year 9 would change the homely cul- entry from prep into the senior school with ture of the schoolAt the moment they rock upentrance exams at years 7 and 9 for external to breakfast in PJs. That would change. Parentscandidates only. Candidates for sixth form take who have chosen a girls only education for theirpapers in two of their chosen A level subjects.daughters hear the reassurance, but can be for-given for suspiciously watching for signs of ageExit: In recent years over half of year 6 boys have 13 becoming the thin end of the wedge. decamped from the prep to Oswestry at age 11, After a year consulting with parents, staff, Oldbut with future exits now at year 8 and a new Moretonians (OMs) and pupils, Mr Budd publishedprep head, time will tell. Few girls leave post-a comprehensive document setting out theGCSE (below 10 per year), most stay the course schools values, vision and commitments. Thisand head for university, with Leeds, UCL, York, contained a refreshing number of specic targetsBirmingham, Exeter and Manchester recently in key areas such as teaching and learning, pas- popular. One to Oxbridge and three medics in toral and estates. Im about concrete steps, not2021. Two overseas in 2021Chulabhorn Royal fancy words. Short-term plans such as a curricu- Academy, Thailand and Glion, Switzerland. Big lum review, consideration of the Saturdayincrease in gap years due to Covid.provision, refurbishment of boarding accommo-dation and the roll-out of a whole school ICTLatest results: In 2021, 70 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 70 strategy have already been completed. Longer- per cent A*/A (88 per cent A*-B). In 2019 (the last term targets include continuing to increaseyear in which exams took place), 75 per cent 9-7 at uptake of EPQ, increasing the range of nationali- GCSE; 41 per cent A*/A at A level (70 per cent A*-B).ties of pupils and redevelopment of the prep, maths and art buildings. Teaching and learning: They dont half cram it in. Senior school has an extended teaching day with lessons until 5pm, as well as on Saturday mornings. Parents take it for granted that we The Rylands Diploma provides girlswill deliver academically. Pupils are setted from with a wide range of life skillsyear 7 in maths, English, humanities and science. Option blocks for GSCE and A level are created including budgeting, householdaround individuals in order to allow esoteric and car maintenance, drafting a CVchoices. The school will nd a way to teach any modern language, even for a single child. Boys in and preparing for interviews years 7 and 8 study the broad curriculum already offered to girls, alongside individual support to Unlike the prep, there are no plans to increasereach year 9 destination schools.senior school numbers (and lose personal rela- Average class size is 12 in prep and unsurpris-tionships). Instead Mr Budd seeks to build theingly girls tend to outnumber boys. Current year schools role within the wider community and5 has achieved equality, but year 6 is all girls. focus on getting all facilities up to the standard ofParents of boys seem unconcerned: We knew the newer ones. The aim is to create a comfy andwhat we signed up for. Senior school classes aver-pleasant environment, replicating home ratherage 12-15, falling to around six by A Level. Parents than the tough-it-out boarding school mentalitycomment that pupils are always stretched but of the past. These days parents care about thenever put under pressure.quality of mattresses, he remarks. Quite right. The phrase educating the whole child gets Married to Nicky, previously director of sportbandied around but Moreton is a gold standard at Lady Eleanor Holles. After years of competitiveexample of how to get it right. Added value is mountain biking, he has calmed it down: I gotprized above exam league tables and academic too old, the job got too important. enrichment is central. A range of societies con-tributes to a culture of extracurricular learning Head of prep: Since 2020 is John Bond, previouslymore akin to CPD and the world beyond either deputy head of Hatherop Prep. An ex-housemas- school or undergraduate studies. The Stables lec-ter, he is well placed to build boarding take-uptures and Jenner, Lady Barbirolli and Bronwen and grow pupil numbers to around 100, with cur- societies offer weekly talks, masterclasses and rent numbers already up by 10 per cent year onevents in the elds of medicine, music and gen-year. eral intellectual curiosity delivered by signicant academics and professionals (as well as introduc-Entrance: Gently selective. Admissions policytions that often lead to work experience). Study of allows for older prep applicants to sit tests, butspoken English is compulsory at various points in 1058'