b'MIDLANDS AND WALESthe academic journey. Directors Table meets sixClassic Berry) to customers relaxing on large, times a year with guests from the world of busi- bright orange sofas. We try to buy from local, ness and the Moreton Connect initiative providesfemale suppliers, the directors explain. This is no contacts for girls among parents and OMs. Leithsinsignicant operation, with a turnover last year School of Food and Wine is offered to lower sixth. of 30,000, sure to increase in the near future We provide education for life, not justwith business expanding into ice-cream sales in how to pass physics, states head. With that inthe new theatre.mind, the schools Rylands Diploma, a year-long Saturday morning course, is offered to year 12. It provides girls with a wide range of life skills in areas including budgeting and managing bills,Houses have separate essential household and car maintenance, driv- accommodation for different ing theory, cookery, drafting a CV and preparing for interviews. academic years, so scaffolding Learning support and SEN: Learning support iscan be gradually taken away and driven by two full-time members of staff, onefacilities can reflect the age rangeeach for prep and seniors. Provision for dyslexia, autism, ADHD, visual, hearing and physical dis- Those still with time on their hands can abilities and epilepsy. With learning supportparticipate in a wide-ranging extracurricular pro-factored into the fees, its not just those withgramme including journalism, frisbee golf and specic learning issues that feel the benet, buttouch rugby, among many others.anyone that needs that little bit more help at any point during their Moreton journey. BoardingSport: Renowned for success in lacrosse (a reli-houses have some adapted rooms with wet roomgion), with girls regularly representing England and emergency pull cord. and Wales at junior and senior level. U14s were recent national champions and the senior team The arts and extracurricular: Currently its allranked in the top eight in the country when we about drama. Specically the still-in-the-wrap- visited. Other core sportshockey, netball and per, brand new Holroyd Community Theatre withtennisare played at an equally high level with 180 seats and the latest lighting and sound sys- regular competition at county and national level. tems. Lessons are already being taught on stageSports staff tend to be recruited from coaching and we observed some superb performancesbackgrounds, many with experience coaching of an excerpt from a challenging play tacklingand/or playing at national level.eating disorders. Recent Moreton productions ofIn addition, pupils can try their hands at Chicago, The Addams Family and Aladdin havesquash (back from the eighties), cricket, fencing, been up to West End quality, say proud parents. rowing and swimming. Small numbers of boys Art, photography, textiles and history ofin prep and now year 7 make lling rugby and art are available as separate A levels, the latterfootball teams trickier. Instead a range of sports enjoying a renaissance under the auspices of anare offered including ve-a-side football, hockey enthusiastic teacher. New DT suite and renovatedand golf. Numbers of boys xtures dont suffer music department both opened in Septemberthough, equalling those of the girls. Indoor pool, 2021. Choir is compulsory and there are chamber3.7m deep, is great for diving and theres a fully and show choirs for the more dedicated. Northstocked gym. The 5km cross-country running trail Shropshire Senior Orchestra is a school-based com- marked out in the grounds is known as the trim munity project that welcomes local musicians totrail; director of sport grimaces, explaining that play alongside pupils every Monday evening. girls named it and sadly it caught on.Unique to the school is the serious CV oppor- School has recently launched its new ACE tunity offered by Moreton Enterprises. Year 12(Achieve, Compete, Excel) performance hub manage, stock, staff and market dedicated, open- focusing on hockey, lacrosse, tennis and, from plan retail premises at the heart of the school site.late 2121, fencing, to provide coaching, support After a rigorous application process, successfuland programmes for elite athletes. Development candidates are appointed to business directorcamps are also offered for those who are less elite roles. Beaming with pride, they showed us a tuckbut keen to improve.counter displaying crisps, sweets no parent would approve of and, of course, obligatory Pot Noodles.Boarding: Around half of pupils are boarders in A second area sells stationery, pharmacy essen- year 7, rising to 75 per cent during GCSE years tials and jewellery, and a bustling caf offersand by the sixth form nearly everyone boards. snacks, drinks and smoothies (we fancied theMany day pupils board a few times per week, 1060'