b'MIDLANDS AND WALESpaying a B&B rate. Flexi boarders get their ownform boarding houses, a science centre and the beds if staying more than four nights per week forshowpiece Holroyd Community Theatre, as well the older age groups, although its more like oneas renovation of the library.night in the junior house. Booking in for exi isMoreton is no insular private school bubble. informal with pupils often just turning up in theTheres a strong focus on community. We have morning with a boarding bagquite unusual fora duty to share our facilities, says Mr Budd. The senior boarding. new theatre has been built with this in mind, Houses operate on a horizontal system, withto be a space for visiting companies to entertain separate accommodation for different academiclocal crowds and for use by local groups. Moreton years. That way scaffolding can be gradually takenalso provides weekly science lab space, teaching away and facilities can reect the age range. Itsin top set maths and shares facilities for CCF with all impressively well thought out. Stables wel- a nearby state school.comes younger senior girls in rooms of up to six,School inspires an unusual level of loyalty from the majority in bunks. Theres a wellbeing area,Old Moretonians. Reunions are well attended and four guinea pigs and a poodle inexplicably namedOMs never pass up the opportunity to return, over Nonie-Potato. By year 9 the bunks are fewer, the15 of them sharing their pearls of wisdom in last pink gone and after-school time less structured.years sixth form Bridging the Gap programme, More cerebral activitieslike making pop bottlefocusing on life skills after the scaffolding of rockets or oating cardboard canoes on the canalschool has gone. Famous alumnae include theare cleverly snuck in, under the guise of fun. Anactress Sheila Reid, the rst female editor-in-chief upside down map of the world on one wall caughtof The Economist, Zanny Minton-Beddoes, and our eye. By this age even the house decor soughtDame Linda Dobbs, the rst non-white person to to challenge young minds, it was explained. Bybe appointed as a High Court judge.year 10 single and double rooms come with house responsibilities such as wake up and commonPastoral care, inclusivity and discipline: Parents room duties. and staff alike remark on the family feel of the Sixth form accommodation is ensuite. Allschool, one even referring to her daughters hou-do their own laundry by year 11. Mitchell Housesemistress as her mum at school. School has been renovated to meet the future additionalperformances are regularly attended by grounds demand for boys boarding that accompaniesand kitchen staff.extending to years 7 and 8, although in its rst year it currently only houses a small handful of boarders.With long and active school days, even thoseTheres a strong focus on that live nearby choose to board. Its a damningcommunity. The new theatre has review of home, but a great review of Moreton, sighed one parent. Many go home at weekendsbeen built as a space for visiting but those that stay can expect Saturday nightcompanies to entertain local crowds activities including mocktails, nail technicians, karaoke, paint by numbers, smoothie bars, ice- and for use by local groupscream and wafes. Sundays are for activities such as laser tag or trips to trampoline parks, AltonPupils have tutor time twice a week in a group Towers, food festivals, the beach at Barmouth,as well as a one-on-one. Director of wellbeing role shopping in Chester or Shrewsbury or just goingwas reintroduced in January, working closely for a walk. with health centre and local GP. Programmes are targeted at parents as well as pupils, with advice Ethos and heritage: Founded in 1913 by Ellenincluding how to have difcult conversations Lloyd-Williams, a feminist visionary in the eldand how to grow a teenager. School doesnt shy of girls education who began by home schoolingaway from thorny issues eg relating to Everyones her 11 children (of which nine were daughters).Invited, which head assured us are covered in From these humble beginnings the school grewPHSE and assemblies.like topsy with newer buildings being added asCornflower Farm (currently more small-required surrounding the original 16th centuryholding than farm) opened in 2020 as a pastoral house. As a result, the 100-acre site is a studyretreat, complete with sheep, geese, ducks and in architecture through the ages. A particularlypeacocks. The chickens (Lady Mary, Lady Edith enthusiastic, experimental triangular period cul- and Lady Sybil) often have to be removed from minated in the building of the toblerone, nowthe maths block.the distinctive home of the prep. More recentParents rave about the schools talent for seek-construction has included two (rectangular) sixthing out the best in each child. Mr Budd describes 1061'