b'NORTHERN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELANDPlenty of contact with generally satised par- Peter Lee scholarships at 16+. Sibling, Forces and entsweekly e-letter, website, academic diaries,clergy discounts. About 150 pupils have means-meetings, a parents forum. Forthcoming, well- tested assistance and 105 non-means-tested mannered, condent pupils. Proud of their schooladmissions scholarships of a maximum of 1,000.and appreciative of what they have gained; one boy told us, I often wonder what person I wouldThe last word: A sense of community and history be now if I hadnt been at Durham. Certainly,binds the pupils together, underpinned by the new sixth formers joining from local secondariesstrong house system for day and boarding pupils are bowled over by the collegiality, welcome andalike. The school produces well-rounded, con-attitude to learning. dent young people, who have opportunities to develop a wide range of talents to a high level Money matters: Various academic, music, drama,in a supportive, peaceful and very attractive art and sports awards, at 11+ and 13+, Burkitt andenvironment.Fettes College HN12Carrington Road, Edinburgh EH4 1QX01313 116744|[email protected]|www.fettes.comAges: 7-18 Pupils: 770 (188 prep/582 college); sixth form: 268; Boarders: 444Fees: Day 17,64030,870; Boarding 25,875- 37,200 paHead: Since 2019, Helen Harrison, the rst femalepile in from other, mainly Scottish, schools (one head in the schools 150-year history. Previouslyin six chance of admissions and competition deputy head for over 12 years and before thatvery stiff). Only boarding places offered at 14+ geography teacher at the school since 1996. Sheand 16+ entrance. All assessments include face-took over after previous head Geoffrey Stanfordto-face interviews or Skype interviews for those left after only two years, following discussionssitting exams abroad.with the schools board of governors on its future strategic focus. Geography degree fromExit: Virtually all juniors to senior school (auto-Jesus College Cambridge (for which she alsomatic entry). Hardly any (sometimes none) leave rowed), then taught EFL in Portugal post-degreepost-GCSE. Most to universityBath, Bristol, before taking up her rst teaching post at CliftonCambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, College, where she was the rst female assistantImperial, Newcastle, St Andrews etc to study eg in a boys house and acting head of department. engineering, English, maths or law. Usually some While the spouses of male heads often jointo Oxbridge, and several overseas.them in a supporting role, we rarely hear of it the other way roundso hurrah for husband RobLatest results: In 2021, 81 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 71 taking a full and active role supporting his wifeper cent A*/A (81 per cent A*-B). IB average point at Fettes, where he also teaches English and wasscore of 39. In 2019 (the last year when exams previously a housemaster. Family (and dogs) stilltook place), 71 per cent 9-7 at GCSE; 56 per cent take centre stage in her spare time, as well asA*/A (83 per cent A*-B). IB average point score 38.making the most of the great Scottish outdoors.Teaching and learning: Prep school like a mini Entrance: To prep by assessment test and inter- campus complete with chicken coop and veg view held annually. Entry points in every yeargarden (to tie in with science, of course). Latin group of the prep school. early, masses of artwork on the walls, science labs CE or schools own exam to senior schoolin the corridors, plenty of laptop computers. We at 13+, limited availability for entry at 14+ viadecide when they can use them.schools own entrance exams and then approxOnly school in Scotland top-rated across the 30 students a year join the sixth form after GCSEboard for leadership, care and wellbeing; inspec-elsewhere, currently much sought after as pupilstors described the school as having a culture of 1178'