b'and 2021, we continued to update our reviews virtually, incorporating as many of the components of a real visit as was possible at the time. Now that schools are able to welcome us back in person once again, were clocking up the miles to keep our reviews totally up to date.Parents already familiar with our reviews may notice that we have made some improvements to their structure since the last edition. For secondary schools, latest academic results now have their own section and the all-important entrance and exit sections have been moved to the top so readers can easily identify, for example, feeder preps or popular university destinations before reading on. We have bolstered the information relating to provision for pupils with SEND and, in the wake of Everyones Invited, Me Too and Black Lives Matter, our writers are briefed to zoom in closer on how schools are tackling toxic or sexist culture, inclusivity and diversity and report back in our pastoral care section.Our absolute commitment to critical distance remains intact. We are the only school guide that can truthfully claim to be entirely independent; separation of our editorial and commercial concerns is absolute. No school can pay or choose to be included inor indeed excluded fromThe Guide. We cover our costs by selling advertising space, exclusively to reviewed schools, in our books and on our website, as well as licenses to allow schools to use their reviews in their own marketing. Whether a school chooses to take advertising or buy a license has no bearing on its inclusion in The Guide, nor the content of its review.Our mission is to inform, enlighten and entertain our readers. We hope you enjoy reading our school reviews as much as we, collectively, enjoy writing them. We love receiving feedback from our readers, so if you have any comments on our reviews or questions XII'