b'Queen Ethelburgas Collegiateabout our commercial policy, please contact [email protected]. If you need further help withAn Excellentyour school search or decision making, our team of expertrated (ISI) schoolconsultants are on hand to help. All Good Schools Guidewelcoming children agedwriters, they know the schools, admissions processes and pitfalls inside out and love solving your educational3 months to 19 years.dilemmas. Email [email protected] for more information. Find out how we can help support your child to achieve theiraspirations in our unique prep,middle and senior four-schoolmodel. Call to arrange a private tour or join us for one of our open days. Visit www.qe.orgfor more informationTo be the best that I can, with the gifts that I have.www.qe.org|[email protected]|01423 333330|York YO26 9SSXIV'